Healthy Beginnings

Editor’s Letter | March 2013

Ffjorren-1-300Here we are, another March. So quickly we find ourselves asking the same question over and over, “oh my goodness; is it already [insert month here]?” It’s funny that we all seem surprised how quickly our lives rush by–yet, there are a few of us who continually fill it with more and more activity. I am definitely guilty of that act. In fact, I’ve heard the motherly “you’re burning your candle at both ends” from a few people.

So, as we assess our schedule, and try to squeeze in one more “little” thing, keep this in mind: staying strong is key! If we stay strong, we’re healthier, less susceptible to illness and fatigue, and we’ll make it through our busiest moments with a little sanity intact.

Check out Dr. Gerber’s article on “Staying Strong,” where he covers some ways we can maintain strength overall. If you’re already feeling a little weak, take a gander at our herbs and spices column; albeit gentle, Echinacea is surprisingly brawny in its own right. Then, take a peek at “A Natural Energy Boost,” and find a powerful solution for those times when your energy is waning.

With that, I hope this month finds you happy, healthy and stronger than ever!

Pause. Breathe. & Be Well,
Ffjorren Zolfahgar
Editor & Content Director