Healthy Beginnings

Editor’s Letter | January 2013

After a year of political upheaval, tragic death and broken innocence, it is time for reflection; moments of silence and deeper thought. We desperately need a peaceful new beginning.

Help your city, state and country become filled with joy and pride once again. Take each new day and every breath you inhale with a sense of gratitude–for you have life. Make the most of it!

Take time to discover peace, love and success in every aspect of your life. Have fun with this New Year and try something new, taste something different and see everything with illuminated eyes. You will find happiness in obscure places. You might also find fear and pain. But, with a positive perspective, and hope to render you through darkness, this year could just be one of your best!

Healthy Beginnings is also trying something new in 2013: three new departments! Make sure to look into “Nurture.” This department features a 12 month series on pregnancy and parenting. If you are longing for tips or ideas on stress relief, meditation or exercise, check out the “FLEX” department.

Our “L-i-n-k” department features stories and reviews on people, events and things that have a deeper connection to our lives. In fact, I noticed another connection since writing the intro article to L-i-n-k. One of our feature articles was written by a staff member from the business school my older brother is currently attending to obtain his MBA. The link factor: I did not know this until after it was edited and placed.

As we begin to chart a new path, we hope you join us on our journey. With that, and on behalf of HB Magazine staff, we wish you a Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Pause. Breathe. & Be Well,
Ffjorren Zolfahgar
Editor & Content Director