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Kids Corner | Earth Day

200-ariEarth day is coming soon, April 22nd! I love Earth day because it’s a day when you can think about all of the things the Earth does for us. This month in school we will talk about it in class and do a few earth friendly projects. I know for sure that my family and I will go to the park and enjoy the great outdoors. We might even throw on some reusable plastic gloves and pick up garbage that we find while we are there. You should always think about the Earth and what you can do to keep our home clean, make sure to put in some extra “green” time on Earth day this month!

According to “50 simple things kids can do to save the Earth,“ here are a few ways you could show your appreciation:

Feed the worms: Make compost.

  • Make a wooden box (with an adult’s help) that is two feet high, two feet wide and eight inches deep. Add moist bedding, like peat moss. Then, add some red worms, which you can find at a local bait shop. Once you’ve added the worms to the box, you can add your organic garbage that is not meat, bones or fatty food. The worms will eat the garbage and turn it into soil over time.
  • Protect the animals in your own backyard.
  • Contact a local nursery and ask them which kinds of plants will provide food and cover for animals in your area that you would like to attract to your backyard. Then, design and plant a garden that will do just that.
  • Get a charge from batteries
  • Keep in mind that the energy you get from batteries comes from the earth, so do not waste it. Make sure to turn off your electric devices that run on battery power.
  • Plug your device into the wall versus running it on batteries.
  • Use things that do not use batteries or electricity, like solar calculators.
  • Talk to your parents about rechargeable batteries. They might cost more in the beginning, but over time you’ll actually save money.
  • Dispose of batteries in the appropriate place, such as Office Depot, Batteries Plus, or Whole Foods Market.

The Earthworks Group. 50 simple things kids can do to save the earth. Andrews and McMeel, 1990.

by Ariana Purcell, 12 years old |
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