Healthy Beginnings

Dr. Kwong, Local Dentist in Reno

dentistDr. Cyrus Kwong is not your ordinary dentist. In fact, he compares dentistry to an artistic craft, “I see dentistry much like playing the violin. Precise, delicate and deliberate movements that are executed smoothly, creating beautiful pieces of art.” Dr. Kwong understands the violin, after playing for 20 years, but his vision of dentistry goes a step further: his work of art offers peace of mind. His goal is to make your visit as stress-less as possible.

From the moment you walk into Kwong Dental, at 333 California Ave, your first experience begins in the waiting room; with a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Kwong. He will then discuss your past dental history and current dental concerns, in private. He wants to make sure that he addresses all of your main concerns before moving forward, “we address that issue first [and] then take care of the rest of the mouth as a whole functioning unit.”
Dr. Kwong and his staff take time to listen to their patients, “if the patient tells us it hurts, we believe them and work towards making them more comfortable.” However, he tends to be more conservative when looking at problems and their solutions. Dr. Kwong prefers not to drill or extract a tooth if it is truly not warranted.

He is also choosy when it comes to the labs and materials he uses. For example, if a patient needs a crown, Dr. Kwong goes above and beyond to make sure that the crown shade is a perfect match, by sending the patient directly to the lab he uses. That helps alleviate any issues during the procedure and it takes the worry away from the patient.
Kwong Dental also promotes the natural process of re-mineralization, “where calcium and phosphates are absorbed by the tooth and used to strengthen damaged tooth structure,” he said. This all adds to the stress-free environment, which Dr. Kwong provides.

Now that he has his own practice, he is able to spend more quality time with his patients and it gives him the freedom to explore the kinds of methods and procedures that work best for his patients, and their well-being.

When he first got out of school, Dr. Kwong started working in private offices in California, but found that many of them were ethically questionable in their practices. He started working for Western Dental and fell into a position where he only performed extractions. Then, he was promoted into a managing dentist role and relocated to Sparks. This is where he gained experience in operating a business, as he ran the office. He also built connections with other local dentists, labs and patrons within the Reno/Sparks area.

From playing violin, Valedictorian of his high school, to finishing his undergraduate and dental schooling in just six years; Dr. Cyrus Kwong offers the same dedication in his dental care to his patients. “I love working with people and helping [them],” he stated.