Healthy Beginnings

Dr. Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D.

Many alternative physicians develop because of the feeling that western medicine is failing to prevent chronic disease. Interestingly, Dr. Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D. began his journey into alternative medicine while seeking natural ways to increase athletic performance.

Dr. Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D. has an impressive background in natural health with a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, a Ph.D. in Nutrition, a Doctorate in Naturopathy and he is a current member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Today, Dr. Grange is a health and wellness consultant, educator and author.

A life long athlete, Dr. Grange has played and/or coached volleyball, football, softball, has a black belt in karate and has taught women’s self-defense. His admiration for the human body in action led him to pursue his first two bachelor degrees from the University of Utah in Physical Education and Health. He went on to earn his Masters in Biophysiology and taught Human Anatomy and Physiology for 30 years. Always interested in the benefits that nutrition imparted to athletes, Dr. Grange along with Dr. Jeff Bennert, searched for ways to increase athletic performance naturally. That was when the Japanese company, Marine Bio, found the two doctors and introduced them to Sango Coral Calcium. The water-soluble calcium supplement restores the acid-alkaline balance and oxygenates the body in such levels that when Dr. Grange and Dr. Bennert conducted a small experiment on athletes they noted astonishing improvements in athletic ability. The athletes were able to reach higher levels of activity and needed less recovery time. They were able to “break through their athletic wall” as Dr. Grange says. The athletes also reported positive side-effects, such as more energy and describing a sense of “feeling smarter”, which is attributable to the increase of oxygen to the brain. Their cholesterol and blood pressure both dropped dramatically. Dr. Grange says that all of these astounding benefits had to do with the bodies of the athletes achieving “homeostasis” thanks to the calcium supplement aiding the acid-alkaline balance, which in turn normalized their pH levels. The achievement of “homeostasis” reversed chronic inflammation in their bodies and left energy for the body to start dealing with other health issues.

It was with this discovery that Dr. Grange was introduced to the powers of natural medicine.

“It filled in a lot of blanks in my teaching of Human Anatomy and Physiology,” Dr. Grange says.

Dr. Grange chose to continue his education in natural health and earned a second Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, as well as a Ph.D. in Nutrition. He describes how his nutritional degrees intuitively led him to Naturopathy. He earned a Doctor of Naturopathy and joined the American Naturopathic Society in Las Vegas.

Dr. Grange recognized his desire to teach at a public level, when he attended a meeting on natural health products for roughly 2,000 people. Oddly enough, the main speaker came down with a bout of food poisoning and had to excuse himself during the seminar. In an effort to help, Dr. Grange, a natural speaker, stood up in front of the large crowd and began to share what he knew about natural health. Realizing then that he wanted to work directly with the public, he began his own seminars and seeing private clients on a regular basis.

Dr. Grange described how major scientific breakthroughs in nutrition and natural health occurred between WWI and WWII, but were put on the back shelf because of the need to support the war efforts. New interest in these subjects has caused these breakthroughs to resurface today as part of the mainstream search for organic colutions.

Thus, “[Natural health] is not a new concept, but technology is making it more available” Dr. Grange says.

For instance, the amazing health benefits of spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae have been known for a long time. The omega-3 oils found in these “Superfoods” can now be extracted from the source and encapsulated in higher concentrations thanks to technology. On an interesting side note, fish oils, which are popular for their omega-3 fatty acid content, actually derive the acids from the liver of the fish after ingesting the spirulina and algae. In other words, the fish don’t actually make these fatty acids naturally, but the green “Superfoods” do.

When asked about his hopes for health care, Dr. Grange stated that he would like to see increased awareness of the healing powers of detoxification, better nutrition and supplementation – that the American diet does not typically supply today. Dr. Grange sees patients two days a week at Circle of Life Spa located on Longley Lane in Reno.

For more information on Dr. Kurt Grange, visit his website at or call Circle of Life Spa at (775) 825-7727.