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Dr. Abey


Renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama continues to enhance and strengthen the lives of many.

An extraordinarily beautiful person and gifted healer, Dr. Abey has a presence that is rarely experienced. His depth of compassion, wisdom

and love is felt by all those who have encountered him.  His loving “energy” helps change the way we see things.

Dr. Abey brings an abundance of wellness, healing and good health filled with love, joy and harmony to all people he meets. To have the opportunity to attend any of his healing evenings, retreats or to experience a private session is truly life altering.

He utilizes and teaches sacred mantra, meditation and mind power as tools to assist in the healing process, incorporating an extraordinary mastery of the science of life and life energies (Ayurveda) – the visionary gift of a great spiritual teacher.

With a profound knowledge of the western mind and the needs of modern people, Dr. Abey works with a new dimension of healing using ancient sound vibrations and universal connections to bring awareness to our mind, body and life.

Experiencing a journey with Dr. Abey can change one’s life forever. A life filled with love, health, success and joy.

At the forefront of his mission is the Hela Bima Rice Project, healing the soil and the soul! Dr. Abey has brought back ancient methods of farming, instilling the once-lost traditions and worthiness for all farmers by providing an opportunity for them to participate in harvesting chemical-free, sacred and healing rice. He now has over 500 farmers in a farmers’ co-op, is building schools for the farmers’ children and providing education on the value of sustainable farming for the local community.  This process is a template for other countries so they too may gain prosperity while enjoying a healthy diet, gaining confidence and independence.

Dr. Abey’s method teaches with practical application, examples and experience giving farmers the tools with which they can gain success, prosperity and good health using their own mind powers without external refuge.  Farmers experience a pure crop, increased productivity, better health and happier lives. This is a mission that is heart-warming to the farmers and the country as a whole. Finally, this mission changes the way the world sees food and people who consume it – join us to make a difference!

Dr. Abey treats an international clientele from Europe and the U.S. Among his patients is the former Prime Minister of India, I.K. GUJRAL and the Health Minister of Sri Lanka. In addition to Singhalese, Pali and Sanskrit, Dr. Abey speaks English and German.

Dr. Abey’s healing wisdom conference, Rankema World Summit continues to be a great success as it gives people the opportunity for the development of self-awareness to reach their goals and achieve greatness.

Throughout the 4-day retreat, people have the unique opportunity to explore all aspects of mind, body and spirit to ultimately bring about a Samadhi state of mind through meditation. People are inspired to reach their full potential by gaining a clear vision for their lives. Retreat participants learn how to meditate, discover how to receive spiritual support and learn how to set goals that fulfill dreams.

The four-day retreat also combines the opportunity to learn from Dr. Abey’s lifelong Ayurveda expertise about traditional Ayurvedic secrets for rejuvenation and restoration of youthfulness. The Ayurvedic approach strengthens your immune power, helping to prevent disease.

Participants in the retreat experience Mind Power training exercises that lead to accessing one’s true nature for joy, health and success.

Join us for this year’s Rankema World Summit – July 14 – 17th in Lake Tahoe!

The summit is OPEN FOR ALL those interested. Scholarships are available. We appreciate Pre Registration at Organized by Hela Bima World, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.

For more information, contact Sandy at: 775-319-7423 or

Program Director Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama, is from 31 generations of Ayurveda from Sri Lanka. He is a Physician, Healer, Meditation Master, Teacher and Author.

Vision.  Create. Manifest.

Change your life!!

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