Healthy Beginnings

Discovering Emei Qigong

After a serious injury, piles of medications and treatments that were not working, I turned to Qigong for help. This experience led me down a path toward healing and serenity.

My injury occurred during one of my regular shifts as a flight attendant. It was a normal day, which always included assisting customers with their luggage. As I was helping one gentleman lift his bag up over our heads, he let go and the heavy bag landed on my head, neck and shoulders. I ended up with injuries that would change my life: two ruptured discs in my neck and a torn rotator cuff.

I did what most of us do and went to see the doctor. My doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxers, pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication and sent me home. After about a month of taking medications, I decided to see another doctor. This doctor continued to prescribe the same medications and had me start physical therapy. At the time of the accident, my neck mobility was about 30-40 percent. This new doctor informed me that I would be a candidate for neck surgery. He explained that they would fuse my C5-C6 vertebrae together and that if I chose this route of treatment, the best case scenario for my neck would be 60-70 percent mobility. My doctor also suggested that my airline pay to send me back to school because he did not want me performing certain aspects of my job. He mentioned that he would most likely recommend that I be put on permanent disability. Hearing this diagnosis and treatment plan left me feeling extremely discouraged. I felt hopeless in thinking that my whole life was changing, and not for the better. At 29 years old, I was going to have major physical limitations to my body and have to give up a job that I truly loved.

I shared these feelings and concerns with a friend of mine and he suggested I see a couple that did Japanese restoration massage. I was getting some relief from the massage and physical therapy, but was still in quite a bit of pain. One day, I noticed the word “Qigong” on their business card and asked them what that was? He said, “I think it will really help you.” We began practicing qigong once a week and continued for about three months. They informed me that a Grandmaster of Emei Qigong was teaching a four day seminar in San Francisco. So I decided to go to the seminar.

I came home from the level one seminar and continued practicing a form called Wuji Gong . I practiced this for the next six months and noticed that I had feeling again in my elbow and fingers that were previously numb. The sharp pain I felt in my neck and shoulder started to dissipate. I started noticing tingling and heat sensations in my body. I felt movement inside my body and the pain was starting to go away. I could feel positive changes in my attitude and my hopelessness was being replaced with hope and optimism. I started thinking that there really was something to this practice called Emei Qigong.

I discovered a type of healing that was working to heal so many things in my life that not only included my physical body and injuries, but my emotional state and my spirit. So I continued to study with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong in taking levels one, two, three and four over the next five years. During these teachings, I learned many techniques that have not only alleviated pain in my body but have helped balance my emotional state so I can continue to experience self- awareness and spiritual development.

Qigong’s origin dates back at least 5000 years. The word “Qi” means life force, breath or energy and the word “Gong” means practice or cultivation over time. Emei Qigong was formed in 1227 AD, so it has been around for roughly 800 years. Emei Qigong comes from one of the three Buddhist Mountains in China. There are many types of qigong that are practiced in China and throughout the world; Emei Qigong focuses on healing, self-awareness, virtue and spiritual development.

Emei Qigong’s knowledge and practice was developed from 3600 different schools of thought that include Buddhism, Daoism, traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Chinese philosophies, astrology and nutrition, to name a few. This comprehensive system was passed down from lineage holder to lineage holder, in order to maintain the purity of knowledge and information that is at its core. Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong is the 13th and current lineage holder of Emei qigong. His goal is “to pass on all his knowledge and Emei qigong’s teachings to alleviate much of the suffering in the world, so humanity can shine like the sun.”

Emei qigong focuses on self-healing first so that you can then help in healing others. Some of the techniques Emei qigong teaches are Wuji Gong, meditation, feeling Qi, understanding the five causes of illness, Emei sacred healing sounds, Qi information healing, Qi transmission healing and the theories that go along with them.



2. The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong by Fu Wei Zhong

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