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CURAMIN: Say… Bye Bye to Inflammation & Pain

Ouch! We have all experienced pain. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, pain is the primary reason why people seek the advice of health professionals, and it is also the number one reason people use alternative medicine.

Pain occurs when nerve endings become irritated. It can be exacerbated by nutritional imbalances, lack of sleep, hormonal factors, and other stresses. In general terms, pain is symptomatic of some type of dysfunction and inflammation in the body.

Basically, there are two problems with pain control drugs:

  1. They interfere artificially with the body’s usual inflammation responses.
  2. They have detrimental side effects.

Remember the FDA withdrawal of Vioxx? Lauded as a superdrug, during an important study it was found to cause increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Meanwhile, even the most commonly used pain-relievers – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin and ibuprofen – can cause intestinal tract ulcers and other problems. These dangers have stimulated a growing interest in natural pain remedies.

Freedom from pain is the single desire of those suffering from pain.  The question is: Can relief be achieved without side effects? In this article, we introduce a promising proprietary formula that is currently being introduced in natural products stores. Although this complex may be helpful in treating a wide variety of disorders, we focus on its pain relief and anti-inflammatory actions.

Inflammation is the beginning of all pain, both acute and chronic. Relieve inflammation and you relieve pain. Many medical experts believe inflammation to be the cause of 80-90% of all disease. Inflammation is caused by the release of a prostaglandin (PGE2) and is sustained by an enzyme called cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2). It’s interesting that cancer cells are surrounded by an abnormally heavy concentration of COX-2 enzymes. With much controversy as to the side effects of anti-inflammatory medications, what can a person do naturally?

Relief is on the way. Common herbs from India such as: curcumin, boswellia and turmeric have been found to be an even better anti-inflammatory (without harmful side effects) than cortisone, which is one of the most powerful of all the steroids.
Curcumin is well known in the herbal and nutritional field. In one doubleblind study, curcumin matched cortisone as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Recently, scientists in India isolated a sub-particle of curcumin known as a curcuminoid, which is approximately 100 times as potent as curcumin in reducing pain and inflammation.  Curcuminoids are sub-particles, which make up the supplement blend Curamin.  Curcumin has several of these curcuminoids which are very specific for COX-2 inhibition. Curcumin is derived from the herb turmeric and curcuminoid is the most powerful and active ingredient for chronic and acute pain relief.

By combining curcumin, curcuminoids, boswellia, DLPA and nattokinase, you have a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. These ingredients have been proven time and again to be highly effective and safe for extended use. All are contained in the supplement Curamin.

When you use natural ingredients such as turmeric or its active compound, curcumin, you are using wisdom of the ages from 5,000 years ago. Turmeric and curcumin have been traditionally used to support individuals who are suffering from pain and inflammation. It is as effective as any medication, and with no side effects. But if this is not enough, over 2,000 references to articles on turmeric and curcumin have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Curamin supplement blends all natural ingredients to change the quality of your life. Choose to live pain free and enjoy life to the fullest.

This Information was provided by EuroPharma at Curamin can be purchased at The Vitamin Connection. For more info, contact the Vitamin Connection at (775)825-3993.