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Chronic Dehydration Series

The human body can only exist for 5-7 days without water.

The human body can only exist for 5-7 days without water.

The human body can only exist for 5-7 days without water, thus dehydration must be taken seriously. Just exactly what does dehydration mean? Medically, dehydration is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition in which the body contains an insufficient volume of water for normal functioning. To operate efficiently, most people say the body requires about eight large glasses of water per day, based on an estimate of fluid loss during a normal day. Even more water is needed during hot weather, periods of illness and when exercising. Take a look at this series of articles that were written by JeanAnn Fitzgerald.

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 1, It’s More Serious than You Think

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 2, Is Your Body Dying for Water?

Chronic Dehydration Part 3: Are You Choosing Dehydration?

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 4: Choices that lead us astray

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION PART 5: More Beliefs that Lead to Dehydration

Chronic Dehydration Part 6: It Causes Disease

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION, Part 7: Re-hydration can cure kidney disease!

Chronic Dehydration Part 8 – Water Can Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke

Chronic Dehydration Part 9 – Brains Rely Heavily on Water

Chronic Dehydration Part 10 – It Triggers Breathing Problems

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 11 – Setting the Stage for Cancer

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 12 – It Leads to Obesity and Diabetes

Chronic Dehydration Part 13 – Water Is Your Life Preserver

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 14 – Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink

Chronic Dehydration Part 15 – Tap Water Alternatives: Are Bottled Waters a Good Choice?

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 16 – Hyaluronic Acid It’s the Icing on the Cake

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