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The Children of Hela Bima: One Man’s Dream to Enlighten and Empower the Children of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka, land of light. Originally known as Hela Bima, (Hela means “light,” Bima means, “land of”) Sri Lanka is an ancient and magical island located o of the Southeastern tip of India and is home to many of the world’s oldest, most treasured sacred traditions and spiritual practices. The people are friendly and the children are filled with laughter and joy. Blessed with an abundance of wild spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables, exotic Sri Lanka is an eden of tropical beaches and crystal clear rivers winding their way through breathtaking jungles with elephants, monkeys and millions of colorful flowers and birds celebrating their beautiful melodies. It is truly a paradise on earth.

This is the changing world of Sri Lanka today, but for more than 500 years, Sri Lanka was under the control of the British Empire, and during that time it was forbidden for the people of Sri Lanka to teach their beliefs or to practice their sacred ceremonies.

Their children suffered and their ancient culture was nearly lost forever. Sri Lanka has also endured decades of unsustainable, chemical-based farming practices using harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals are especially damaging to the children, causing severe birth defects and abnormalities with the number of cases rapidly increasing. One doctor, Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama (Dr. Abey), decided it was time to get involved, so he visited with the rice farmers and their children in an attempt to better understand their conditions and the challenges they faced.

Dr. Abey began working with the rice farmers, demonstrating the dangers of using these chemicals and teaching them how to restore their soil and farms back into an organic, sustainable growing system. The plan worked. The rice farmers were successful and began to experience more bountiful harvests while still protecting their children and communities. Dr. Abey was so impressed that he founded the Hela Bima Rice Project, where they raise funds and use proceeds from the sale of the rice to build medical clinics, schools and other community projects. Many of these children have never had access to medical treatment or public education. These vital services are now being provided, helping to reduce the number of birth defects and abnormalities, improving the overall health and well-being of the community and empowering an entire generation of children with the educational tools and resources they need to lead independent and successful lives. One of the students recently won a very prestigious national education competition. Not bad for a school that just opened a few years ago.

The children of Sri Lanka are healthy, happy and filled with promise thanks to the efforts of Dr. Abey and the Hela Bima Rice Project, which has empowered more than 500 rice farmers with the wisdom and resources to succeed. To reserve a private session or to learn more about Dr. Abey and his 2017 schedule of events, please visit, or