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Fall into winter soups


Submitted by Kippy Spilker TOMATO-BASIL BISQUE This is by far my most frequently requested potluck dish. It’s the first to disappear … [Read more...]

Healthy Recipe: Rawscotti


                Submitted by Marie-Claire Hermans, Energy Coach for … [Read more...]

Introducing Battlefield Accupuncture for acute and chronic pain


                Written by Dr. William N. Cleafield, D.O. Tuesday, July … [Read more...]

HCG: Dr. Simeons’ Transformative Discovery


Written by Michael Gerber, MD, HMD An interesting approach to the epidemic of obesity is reviewed in Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ paper Pounds … [Read more...]

Take time out for herbal tea


Written by Kippy Spilker Herbal tea is not actually a tea at all, but that doesn’t make it less beneficial – it just derives its … [Read more...]

Healthy Recipe: That’s Amore!

                Submitted by Schall Adams ALMOND CHEESE Take the almond … [Read more...]