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Kids Corner | July 2014

KC_July14-2_FF (1)

Written By Aramia & Bella Zolfaghar | (7-year-old twins) Over Mother’s Day weekend, we ran our first race. It was called the … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | June 2014

Written By Ariana Purcell | The month of June, for me, is all about Father’s Day. Whether you are going to be celebrating with your … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | May 2014

Written By Ariana Purcell | I am a TV show and movie junkie, and Netflix, has only made this addiction worse. A couple years ago, my mom … [Read more...]

Kids’ Corner – March 2014


Written By Ariana Purcell | Hello and happy March! We hope the luck of the Irish is with you as you enjoy this … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | February 2014

Make sure to spend some quality time with the people you love and cherish!

Hello to the month of February, the month of love! I hope your new year has been going well so far! This month is all about one of my … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | January 2014

New Year’s Resolution Poster Boards

An exciting new year also brings all new challenges and problems. You may have made a new list of promises and goals for the new year, but … [Read more...]