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Don’t Touch Statin! Part 2


Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D. | Last month’s article touched on the badly flawed statin prescription process; leading … [Read more...]

Therapy Review for Skin Conditions


by Kathy Sargenti and Cindy Sult, RN | As we get older, our skin is the most telling sign of aging. However, today we have many options … [Read more...]

Squeeze Before you Sneeze


by Jane O’Brien, PT, MSPT | Bladder control: Reclaim Your Natural Ability When it comes to bladder control, embrace what comes … [Read more...]

The Memory of Water


Good clean water is a basic need for health and life itself, and scientists have validated ancient teachings about many other legendary … [Read more...]

The Passage to Power – Menopause & Hypnosis

Written by Nancy Pfaff, CCHT, MNLP Breathless, Ella burst into her hypnotherapist’s office confessing she was “mean and nasty” to her … [Read more...]

Vacuum Massage Treatment – A Method for Toning Your Skin


A Method for Toning Your Skin Written by James E. Pickens, MD, FACS Asynergy treatment is designed to apply positive and negative pressure … [Read more...]