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Cover Story | July 2014


Written By Ffjorren Frisbee | Long, lazy day. Sun glimmering on the water. Laughter echoing down the breeze. The warm scent of BBQ … [Read more...]

The Physics of Belief


Changing Belief Systems to Create a Different Life Written ByJune Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR | During the last ten years, most of us … [Read more...]

Nurturing Independence


Written By Allison Prater | It’s amazing watching my son transform from baby to toddler before my eyes. Every day brings new words, … [Read more...]



The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain By Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHT, PLR … [Read more...]

Publisher’s Letter | July 2014

I remember as a child, time seemed to move so slowly. Yet now, in my late fifties, time is moving at warp speed. We are already halfway into … [Read more...]

Dangers of Psychological Inflation


Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD | In the story of King Midas, everything the king touches turns to gold. At first, this seems like a boon, … [Read more...]