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Behind the Mask | Halloween Face Paints

Keep in mind that not all Halloween makeup contains safe ingredients.

Written By Lissie Lyles | Halloween season is approaching, and while you're planning costumes for either yourself or your little ones, … [Read more...]

Authentic Mineral Makeup


Submitted By Beau Chateau Day Spa | Many mineral make-ups on the market today do not contain minerals at all. If they do, the minerals … [Read more...]

Making Organic Affordable


Written By Kevin Vania | Checkout aisle six at a local organic pantry, a middle-aged woman and her husband unload groceries from their … [Read more...]

Curry Leaf


Written By Allison Prater | Murraya koenigii, or curry leaf, is an aromatic leaf commonly used in Southern Indian cuisine. Not all … [Read more...]

Natural Solutions for Hair Loss


by Allison Prater | Hair loss, for most of us, is a prospect that is frightening. We tend to lose more hair at certain times in our lives … [Read more...]

Organic Cosmetics


CHECK THE LABEL! By Lauren Birtwhistle The Organic cosmetic business is booming. But do not be fooled by the organic label stamped on a … [Read more...]