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Nurture: Post-natal Fitness


Written by Allison Prater | Just as maintaining a fitness routine is helpful in supporting a healthy, comfortable pregnancy, a post natal … [Read more...]

Baby’s first gift: Prenatal Fitness!


Written By Allison Prater | Pregnancy is a time of intense physical transformation. The added weight of your growing belly and breasts … [Read more...]

Natural Support for a Healthy Pregnancy

Information on how to support a healthy, happy pregnancy

Written By Allison Prater | Nurture is a new department for HB Magazine! Over the next 12 months, Allison Prater will cover topics … [Read more...]



This new department will bring you thought provoking ideas, stories and tips on how you can flex the muscles of your mind, body and soul. … [Read more...]

Endurance Training for the Whole Being Part II: Cross Training


Written By Rachael L. Scala | You now know a bit about smart eating during long distance training, but are you minding your whole … [Read more...]

Endurance Training for the Whole Being – Part I: Nutrition


Written By Rachael L. Scala | Late summer may find you, among many in our active corner, deep in the rhythm of endurance training. It’s … [Read more...]