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Chronic Dehydration: Part 17


Tap Water Alternatives-Water Filters Can Help Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald | As described in the November 2013 issue, a lot of toxic … [Read more...]

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION | Hyaluronic Acid It’s the Icing on the Cake

Early signs of dehydration include all-over achiness and pain for no apparent reason.

Early signs of dehydration include all-over achiness and pain for no apparent reason--except of course, everything is dried out. Just as … [Read more...]

Tap Water Alternatives: Are Bottled Waters a Good Choice?

Buying a filter for your tap water may seem costly up front, but can be cheaper in the long run.

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald | Water pollution is a worldwide problem. More than 6,000 children under age five die each day due to … [Read more...]

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION | Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink

Drinking water can be intentionally or accidentally degraded anywhere along its route to your faucet.

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald The oceans contain ninety percent of Earth’s water, which is too salty for drinking. Only the other 10 … [Read more...]

Chronic Dehydration | Water Is Your Life Preserver

The human body is an organism designed to thrive on water and minerals.

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald Chronic long-term unintentional dehydration weakens cells so they don’t function well. Kidneys don’t … [Read more...]

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION | It Leads to Obesity and Diabetes

Over-eating and lack of water, resulting in obesity can lead to diabetes.

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald | The foremost body organ is the brain because it controls everything else. For energy, the brain uses … [Read more...]