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Authentic Mineral Makeup

Many mineral make-ups on the market today do not contain minerals at all. If they do, the minerals are so diluted that they lose their effectiveness. In order for a mineral makeup to be considered a mineral makeup, it must contain authentic minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, mica and boron nitride. These minerals must also be the main components; they should be listed as the first ingredients and in descending order by volume.

Talc, also being a mineral, is often the main ingredient in traditional mineral makeup, but authentic mineral makeup does not contain talc. Makeup containing talc does not provide the coverage that authentic mineral makeup can provide, and it does not add the UV protection and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin that true mineral makeup does. In addition, because of their concentrated pigments, authentic mineral makeup rarely needs reapplication during the day.

According to Jane Iredale, founder and CEO of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, the minerals used in true mineral makeup go through an extensive refining process and should be classified as inorganic compounds. The inert nature of these refined minerals eliminates the risk of bacterial contamination. This is in stark contrast to organic minerals, defined as those that contain carbon, and therefore require preservatives to prevent decay and contamination. Authentic minerals have no relationship to mineral oil, which is a liquid petroleum and a byproduct of petroleum. Traditional makeup may also contain problematic ingredients such as emulsifiers, D&C dyes, fragrance, synthetic preservatives, binders and mineral oil.

Authentic mineral makeup also provides UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage. It is noncomedogenic, nonacnegenic, nonirritating, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and can be used on all skin types. It allows the skin to breathe and to function normally. Its camouflaging coverage, ease of application and removal, coupled with its healing components makes it a much better choice above traditional makeup.


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