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Astrology and Cancer


What’s the Connection?

“The best way to heal ourselves of this negative state of being is to address the root cause of disease and ill health. This is based in our sense of separation from Source, which makes us feel alone and fearful. When we establish conscious awareness of our connection with Source then these negative patterns fall away as the darkness flees with the dawning of a new day.”

What is astrology’s perspective on cancer? Astrology works from a very different perspective or paradigm on health and disease than conventional materialistic-based medicine. Astrology would remind us that we are primarily spiritual beings of consciousness that are incarnate in a physical body to master the physical dimension and express ourselves through our thinking, feeling and action. In a simplistic way we can think of ourselves as constituted of spirit, which is the principle of wisdom that expresses through our thinking, soul, which is the principle of love that expresses through our feelings and emotions, and body, which is the principle of will that expresses through our actions. We are spiritual beings here on Earth to express our thinking and feeling in action. This is the realm of action. The word “karma” is Sanskrit, which means “action”. We are evaluated and we evaluate ourselves based upon our actions. Karma is the law of cause and effect – “as you sow, so shall you reap”. Our present lives are conditioned by and are the result of our past life karma. The person’s karmic patterns can be known from their birth chart. The birth chart clearly shows our negative karmas, their cause and how to fix them.

None of us are perfect yet. We all have negative karmas or spiritual issues in consciousness that we have brought into this lifetime with the intention of healing. This healing is part of the work we must do in order to evolve our consciousness to the state of enlightenment. We are here to unfold our full potential, which is unbounded. But most psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that most of us are only using 5-10 percent of our mental potential. What is going on with the other 90-95 percent of our awareness? This is the aspect of our being that is the soul (if I use a more spiritual term) and it is the aspect of our being that is the subconscious mind (if I use a more scientific term). It is our destiny to unfold 100 percent of our mental potential, so it is incumbent upon us to transform the subconscious into conscious awareness.

One aspect of the soul or subconscious mind is that it is the storehouse of memories. This is where all of our memories of past lives and our karmic patterns reside. We must make these negative karmic patterns conscious so that we can heal them. The opportunity for us to become aware of our negative habit patterns of thinking, feeling and action is in crisis situations – including health crises. Otherwise we are unconsciously controlled by these negative patterns. Crisis is Nature’s way of creating the opportunity for change to the Light. Crisis is opportunity to change. The negative pattern has created the crisis in order for us to become conscious of it so that we can change it for the better. This is one of the roles that negative karma plays in our lives. A deeper understanding of our physical body is that it is a precipitation into matter of our spirit and soul. Our physical bodies are a manifestation of our personal and family karmas.

We are all familiar with the idea that death is inevitable just like taxes – as the ancient adage tells us. But the truth of the matter is that we were not designed to die. This physical dimension in which we are now based at the present time is cosmically known as the realm of death. It is our experience that everyone and everything dies here. We are now entering into a new time in human evolution where the polarity and duality of life and death is going to change to the real possibility of physical immortality. This will be the result of unfolding our full potential in consciousness. We are here to conquer death.

Cancer is a disease that is a major cause of death. If we look more deeply into the phenomenon of cancer from an astrological perspective we will discover that one of the 12 signs of the zodiac is named Cancer. The violation of the laws of consciousness of Cancer is what results in the disease cancer. Cancer is a cardinal water sign whose consciousness equation is emotional will power. The generic keyword for Cancer is “I Feel”. It is the most feeling and emotional sign of the zodiac. Feelings and emotions are the language of the heart and soul and are sourced out of the principle of love. Our life of feelings and emotions is very important to us. We need to realize that we need to grow our capacity to give and receive love. As the Beatles told us, “All you need is love”.

But a lot of us have very negative feelings and emotions. These negative feelings and emotions have a corrosive, destructive effect on our physiology and health. Of these negative feelings and emotions, the ones that most significantly affect the root cause of cancer are fear and anger. Most of us are conscious of our fear and anger and, when these emotions come to significantly affect our lives, we are more susceptible to getting cancer.

Everyone has fear. It is part of the human condition. Anyone who says they don’t have fear is either lying or unconscious. Humanity’s fear is based on a sense of separation from Source. We are always connected with Source, but very few people live in this state of consciousness of connection with Source. When we don’t have conscious awareness with our connection with Source then we are in a state of fear. In this state, our reality is us against the world, which can be very scary and overwhelming. Most people live their lives controlled by fear. This is the breeding ground in soul and body for the gestation of cancer.

The planet Saturn, which is the planetary ruler of the sign Capricorn – the opposing sign of Cancer – is the planet of karma which manifests in our lives as fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, depression, sadness, loneliness and feeling stuck. When we feel fear we freeze up like a deer in the headlights. Saturn is also the planet of death. To the degree that we don’t heal our negative karma, we die and have to come back here again until we do. Restriction and contraction of the life force over time results in aging and death. Our body can begin to shut down as a result of fear.

The planet Mars, the planet of action, drive, motivation and courage, is the antidote to fear. Courage is the virtue that overcomes, deals with and heals fear. Mars rules Aries the warrior whose generic keyword is “I Am”— the awareness of being an individualized expression of Divine Consciousness. Mars embodies that drive and motivation to acknowledge and face our fears. Then we must work through our fears and come out the other side healed and empowered. In a very personal way cancer is a disease that creates the situation where we must face our fears and have the courage to live our life authentically and fully.

If we continue to live our life based in fear and Mars and courage are not a strong enough influence, then that builds up within us as anger. Anger is the emotion that arises as a result of blocked self-expression. If we don’t have the courage to live our life authentically in terms of who and what we really are as a spiritual being, then anger is the result. Most people project their negative feelings onto others and don’t take responsibility for them. It is always everyone else’s fault. In that way, the person chooses to live unconsciously and not take responsibility for their own negative state of being.

Anger energetically stimulates the physiology to action, but if action is not taken to break out of our self-imposed prison, then it builds up inside of us. An internal war begins to ensue between fear and anger. Anger will result physiologically in a state of inflammation of the body tissues that can be the cause of many diseases. When the hot driving energy of Mars is turned inward, which is anger with ourselves of not doing what we should be doing, then it results in stimulating cell activity to grow excessively. The hardness and stuckness of Saturn’s fear makes it take the form of tumors.

Cancer is telling us that we need to do some internal work on cleaning up our thinking and feeling life. In the bigger picture, mankind is now at a phase of its growth where we can’t proceed in our evolution of consciousness into the Light without cleaning up our internal life of negative, self-sabotaging, self-destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and action. This is why cancer is so widespread at this time.

The best way to heal ourselves of this negative state of being is to address the root cause of disease and ill health. This is based in our sense of separation from Source, which makes us feel alone and fearful. When we establish conscious awareness of our connection with Source then these negative patterns fall away as the darkness flees with the dawning of a new day. We live in this state of conscious connection with Source as a result of daily spiritual practice of yoga and meditation. We must learn to heal ourselves. All of this information is contained within the individual’s birth chart. It is all in the stars.

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