Healthy Beginnings

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300-ariColorful Stamp Paperweight

Rounded Rock, Stamps, Glue


  1. find a rounded rock.
  2. get stamps.
  3. the stamps will be sticky, but just to make sure they stay on glue them on.
  4. let dry, and enjoy your new paperweight!

Staying Fit
A good way to stay fit, during the summer is to jump rope! I do it all the time, my mom just bought me a jump rope and I tried it out and it got me breathing like a horse after a long run! You could do it every day too, I jump at least once a week, but I should do it more often! Staying fit is very important and with school out we don’t have gym anymore! But that does not mean you can’t stay in shape! Also you could do jumping jacks or pushups or curl ups. I love doing curl ups, it helps strengthen your abs! Pushups help you get lots of muscles in your arms, and jumping jacks are a warm up that I like doing before I do pushups or curl ups! Keep your body active throughout the summer so you are ready to move into the next school year with lots of energy.

by Arianna Purcell, 11 yrs. old |
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