Healthy Beginnings

Cover Story April 2011 | Earth

In a time when the world is facing uncertainty…our lives, it seems, intertwine. As we continue to shift toward a global community, in business and pleasure, foreign travel increases. More and more people traverse the globe, to “far off” lands, finding themselves immersed in cultures, rich in history and mystique. But what they do not always schedule into their itineraries are natural disasters, civil unrest and political agenda.

This does not just include the masses of US citizens who travel, work and live overseas; it also includes the residents of these areas, where our business now takes place. For example, many US contracted call centers, manufacturing plants and company offices exist on soil other than our own.

Now, more than ever, WE need to align. Not “we” as in people who define their existence based solely on the country of their birth. But rather, “we,” as in human beings, need to acknowledge the congruent force that holds us together as a whole: our residency on Earth.

Even beyond the global connection we share online, television and other mediums, our planet ties us to one another in a much stronger capacity. We are global tenants, who are charged with the upkeep and care of this great planet we call home.

As our planet continues to do what it does, that being evolution, we will find ourselves further indebted to a life that will only find stability in what is naturally offered to mankind. It seems that from the beginning of man’s existence, the one thing we do consistently is seek control. Evolution will run its course, as it always has; and unless we find a way to break through the consistence web of control we work to create, WE may no longer fit into the natural order of life, as we know it.

That being said, I urge you to read on. You will find a variety of articles tying into this “Earth” issue of Healthy Beginnings Magazine.