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Reader Testimonials

HB Magazine is a great source for everyday healthy living. The first time I opened HB, I found something I could use to make my daily life healthier. Just last month, I learned about posture (I have since taped the article to my desk). I really enjoy reading a magazine that doesn’t tell me how I need to buy more expensive clothes, wear more makeup and be very skinny. HB allows me to open a magazine and learn how to feel better about myself! To top it off, HB is local—and I love that!” —Mary Dini, Sage Ridge School

HB Magazine is very informative. A lot of times when searching the Internet, I feel like I’m searching in the dark. I found HB magazine to be very concise, comprehensive and focused. It’s not advertorial, and has a lot of great articles. There’s so much information out there– Healthy Beginnings eases the search. I first found the February ‘08 issue of HB Magazine and I’m now a subscriber.” —Rochelle Linder, Spring Valley, NY

I just want to take a moment to thank you all for publishing such an important and informative read! I look forward to the delivery of HB to my yoga studio each month. It never fails that no matter how much I think I know about alternative healing and nutrition, I always learn something new! For example, the toxic ‘anti-aging’ sunscreen I’ve been putting on my face… FULL of all the wrong ingredients! And, I discovered Dr. Gerber, a doctor in HB who practices the way ‘medicine’ should be practiced, preventatively!! Your magazine helps me create and maintain a greater awareness of all the noxious ingredients to which we are exposed on a daily basis, all under the guise of being ‘healthy’! I’m a nurse and work in an environment that helps me appreciate my health even more. I‘ve turned a few of my co-workers on to your publication– and they too, are now living greener, healthier lives. I also save my past issues for my mom, who lives in Southern California and wishes she had something like HB down there! Well done, Healthy Beginnings! Keep them coming!” —Suzanne Ross, RN

I just moved from L.A. and I love your magazine—the articles and networking. It’s an excellent resource for someone new to town to get connected to natural health. I now know where to shop because of your advertisers! —Shirley Van Damme

I just moved from Massachusettes and we had similar magazine out east. I love this magazine because I’m looking for massage, Reiki and natural healing in our community and it helped me find it!” —New Reno Resident

I found a wonderful nutritionalist in your magazine! Virginia Parsons–she has helped me drop 30 pounds so far and really reduced my pain and inflammation. 2 thumbs up!” —Ruth Jaenchen

Good Morning. I enjoy reading your monthly magazine. I recently attended a conference and thought of you. I attended a presentation about a free online database for cosmetics and other healthcare products. The database safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group. I thought you might want to review the database and decide if it would be a benefit for your constituents or magazine. The website is Have a great day!” —John Handzo, P2 Projects Manager, UNR Business Environmental Program

I was doing a search on the Internet for how long it is safe to sit in a far infrared sauna and popped up. I liked the website because it wasn’t trying to sell me a sauna or anything, it simply offered straight facts on saunas and many other things. I recently bought an infrared sauna for my home in New York and would like to know how long I can sit in it. Do you know, or would you publish something in your magazine about it?” —Elliot, New York Resident

I didn’t think I had time to read the magazine, but then noticed the cover title “Brain Fog” & just had to pick it up.” —Shopper at Grass Roots Health Food Store

HB Magazine has great information. I found a colon hydrotherapist in Truckee that I plan to go to. Thanks!” —Debbie

I like all the different things, new things to try, all the different ways to improve your health. I like the new technologies coming out, the healthy recipes and all the resources.” —Vicki Stromland, Sacramento Reader

I love this magazine because it has a lot of good info about health. I found a holistic doctor in the magazine from an article about cholesterol. He had me take poly-cholesterol test and in the first month, I lost 30 pounds! HB Magazine is very informative, great magazine, especially for people who don’t want to go the other route.” —Francisca Hembree

I live outside of Nevada City and pick up Healthy Beginnings at California Organics. I love the magazine, thank you for producing it.” —Tabatha Jones

I was never aware there were so many alternative and natural healers in Reno until I saw their ads in Healthy Beginnings. I like the articles so much that I bought two subscriptions!” —Belinda Morrigna, Winnemucca reader

I moved from Chicago a year and a half ago and I really appreciate the listing of places to go if you need to find care. I really like the articles that Dr. Shallenberger has written. You have all kinds of great articles about pets–a lot of variety–things you might not have thought about but want to know. I cut the articles out and keep them in files.” —Nancy H.

I have been coming to the Tahoe area for years to vacation because it is such a beautiful and healing place. I have always wondered where the network for alternative health care was. It is so exciting that Healthy Beginnings is in existence now. My husband and I are residents of the Tahoe area now and Healthy Beginnings is an excellent resource for us.” —Larinda Sawyer

We enjoy reading your publication, and find something of value in every issue. We especially appreciate the local flavor of Healthy Beginnings, and have come to appreciate the vast expertise that exists within the Reno practitioner community – largely due to your features. We’re also consistently impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of the writing. Thanks for providing an important local resource, and keep up the great work.” —Brad Rassler and Jane Grossman

I’m very impressed with the true journalistic qualities your magazine aspires to, especially considering the fact that it is local. Thank you!!! I learn so much from Healthy Beginnings!” —Harmony Farnswerth, Grad student at UNR