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Our Purpose

coversTo provide fact-based editorial content and the resources that support living an active happy, healthy, holistic, natural and sustainable lifestyle. Bringing like-minded individuals together providing them with evidenced based natural health information, alternative choices and the tools needed to empower and support a happy, holistic and healthy lifestyle, and the advertisers that want to reach them.

Print Media Published Monthly

Healthy Beginnings Magazine provides fresh information readers’ can trust:  Discover the latest facts and trends in alternative and natural medicine, beauty, conscious wealth, family health, green living and sustainability, herbs and spices, organics, personal growth, pets, spirituality, supplements and more.

Electronic Mediasphere Updated Daily

Read the magazine online search our website,, roam through thousands of pages in our vast library of archived articles and issues.  Readers and viewers will find web-only articles, blogs and videos that speak to living a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Healthy Beginnings Mediasphere opens up a new and expanding market place for like-minded thinks.  HB’s electronic media extends the shelf life and longevity of your education information and promotional message.  Through our various social media platforms, HB magazine taps into the needs and tastes of today’s health minded buyer.


Past Issues Recycled at Community Events:

Healthy Beginnings Magazine recycles past issues by recirculating them at major public and corporate events. Editorial content in HB is not time sensitive and has sustainable value for the reader and the businesses wishing to reach this audience.

Magazines are placed in participant agenda bags at pertinent events throughout the Reno/Lake Tahoe region. The Arthritis and Diabetes runs and walk-a-thons, Heart and Breast Foundation Fundraisers, Health Fairs, Sustainability Events, The Banff Mountain Film Festival, Women’s Expos and more.