Healthy Beginnings

A Personalized Practice that you can Love

300-fitnessMany people set new years resolutions around fitness goals that they do not keep. In forming new fitness routines, it is helpful to approach your goals holistically. Below are tips for making resolutions that you will be able to keep, by building a successful personalized practice for 2010.

Try new activities: Keep your routine fresh by trying new classes. You may discover a new passion. Here are some unique class ideas to help you add some spice to your fitness routine:

Acroyoga: A style or partner or group yoga that combines elements of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. This practice builds strength, flexibility and stronger relationships between classmates. It is a great way to connect with someone close to you, however, you do not need a partner to attend.
Belly Dance: Tone muscles in your abdomen, hips, legs and arms,. Repetitive movements help to improve posture and increase range of motion.
HoopDance: Tones the muscles in your waist while burning calories, in this powerful and whimsical workout.

Poi: Learn how to spin flags, glow sticks, etc. with techniques that will eventually give you the ability to spin fire. This workout will really help strengthen your arms, shoulders and coordination.
Tai Chi: An ancient chinese martial art that is both a moving meditation, and the basis for strong self defense techniques. Tai Chi has been shown to reduce stress and boost your immune system.

Yoga: There are many different kinds of Yoga. Some are gentle restorative practices, such as Yin Yoga, great for restoring mobility and reducing pain. More active practices such as Hatha Yoga can be great cross-training for athletes. Many of the strength building exercises in Hatha Yoga are ideal for skiers, mountain bikers, and other very active people. Not only can they help to increase strength and flexibility, but they help to protect joints and muscles, preventing injury. There are a host of other benefits to a regular Yoga practice, including, but not limited to, stress relief, increased immunity, and elevated moods. No two yoga classes are alike, try several different disciplines and instructors to find the one that’s right for you.

ZUMBA: A dance-aerobics class that combines elements of latin and african dance for a fun cardio workout that will keep you smiling.

LOVE your practice! This is supposed to be fun, remember? When we feel a sense of obligation about our workouts, it is easy to abandon them. For most of us, a big slice of chocolate cake and a favorite movie will almost certainly beat out a treadmill when it comes to our idea of a good time. We are much more effective when we choose movement practices that bring us joy. When we choose physical activities that inspire us, we begin to do them, simply because we love them. We are no longer focused on what our body looks like, or is going to look like, we are present in the here and now, with a personal practice that we love to do. Namaste.


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