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One of the most important things about working toward a goal is to be able to imagine how you would feel when you get it.

One of the most important things about working toward a goal is to be able to imagine how you would feel when you get it.

It’s time to get the act together and start taking action on the things we’ve been talking about for so long. January is usually when people make new resolutions and try to make them stick. But whether it’s a new day, a new month or a new year, the important thing is to decide what we want and to take some action (no matter how small) toward that goal every day. Consistency is vital.

And one of the most important things about working toward a goal is to be able to imagine how you would feel when you get it. But just as important as the joy of final achievement are the feelings of pride and satisfaction along the way as you take the necessary action. Whether the desired goal is releasing weight, passing a test, increasing your sales or getting a better job, it takes some excitement about the end product in order to keep us going through the steps.

It’s also vital to have some quick techniques to neutralize the negativity that seems to be constantly swirling around us. Whether that negativity comes from your family, job or the culture, it can have a powerfully detrimental effect on your energy level. We get what we focus on, whether we want it or not. So if your focus is consistently on the negative, it will lower your vibrational frequency so drastically that you will not have the physical or mental energy to work toward your goal. Regaining your excitement regularly through consistent imagination and visualization is necessary in order to counter the negativity.

And only you know what the steps are to move toward your goal. Only you know what the energy drains are; which people or situations sap your energy and cause procrastination to take over. Therefore only you can do anything about it. It comes down to the decision of whether or not we’re going to keep the old habits of thinking, the old frustrations and realities or if we’re willing to make the necessary mental and physical changes so we can create something different. It’s simple but it isn’t always easy. Most of us don’t realize how much of the time we spend thinking negatively. Many times, we are thinking of the lack of what we want rather than what it would be like and what it would feel like to have what we want. Therefore, we’re just attracting more lack. It’s a fine line and a little bit tricky, but if you’ll become an observer of your thoughts, you’ll see the difference and you can make the changes.

It’s been said that in order to be happy we have to have three things: something to believe in, something or someone to love and something to look forward to. We are made up of energy, of vibrational frequencies, and we live in a quantum soup of the same. The frequencies of our thoughts, expectations and beliefs have a powerful affect on what we attract to ourselves. Just because we can’t see the frequencies we’re sending out, or the ones we’re receiving from others, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. But we do have a built-in translator of those frequencies: our emotions. That built-in emotional guidance system tells us whether what we’re experiencing is beneficial for us or harmful. So, if we pay attention to our emotions, they’ll tell us what to do more of and what to get rid of in our lives.

Decide what you want. Figure out what steps will be necessary to achieve it and decide what you need to let go of in your life and what you need to add. Find at least one person who will support you in your goals. Use your brilliant imagination to visualize the end result; stay focused on the prize and take consistent action. If you need assistance, find someone who can teach you how to control your thinking, or how to set realistic time lines for your progress or how to keep your expectations high and increase your confidence. Most important of all: take action every day, beginning today.

The basis of this life is freedom, the purpose is joy and the result is personal growth. Our role here is to utilize the energy that is available all around us. We are energy-flowing beings–we are focusers, perceivers, and creators. There could be nothing worse than to come forth into this Earth environment where there is such incredible contrast between what we do want and what we don’t–where desire is so easily born–and not allow the positive energy that surrounds us to flow toward us. That is a true squandering of life. So control your thoughts, constantly refine your intentions and expect the best. That will make you unstoppable and make 2014 your best year ever!


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