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The Dreams of a Dying Woman, Part V

One challenge in determining if a particular dream relates to the approaching death of the dreamer is the fact that the psyche treats death much the same as it treats any other major life transition. Death and rebirth imagery is used in both cases. Death of the body is... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman, Part IV

About 31⁄2 months before her death and 11⁄2 months before her diagnosis of cancer, a woman in her early 70s had the following dream: “I enter a large barn. It is empty except for an older, maroon-colored car, similar to one I used to drag race back in the... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman: Part 3

Lila (not her actual name) is a woman in her early 70s who had a number of dreams that hinted at her coming death by cancer. At the time of the dreams discussed in this series, she did not know that she had cancer. The dreams that follow occurred... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman: Part 1

Dreams can be difficult to interpret. This is not just because they speak a language of images and symbols, but also because it’s not always obvious what aspect of your life they are referring to. While most dreams offer insight into your current attitudes, relationships and life situation, some... Read More »

Of Healing, Wholeness and Cures

When you are dealing with symptoms, especially annoying and irritating ones, you may want to be cured. You want the symptoms, illness or injury to go away. If you are cured of an infection, the infection is gone. If you are cured of insomnia, you no longer have trouble... Read More »

The Importance of Taking Your Spiritual Life Seriously

The night before his first psychotherapy session to address marriage and spirituality issues, a man dreamed: I am on a sailboat with some other people. We are on the ocean or a very large lake and it has become stormy. The mast on the boat breaks. The next thing... Read More »

“Arrival” and the Unconscious

In the movie “Arrival,” 12 spacecrafts are positioned by an alien race over different countries of the world. The reason for their presence is a mystery. However, every 18 hours they allow a human research/diplomacy team to enter each craft and interact with the alien beings. The aliens communicate... Read More »

The Lonely Alchemist

Alchemy was the “science” of trying to turn base metals, such as lead, into gold. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung studied alchemy in great depth because he saw in it a symbolic representation of the psychological process of individuation. The writing and drawings of the alchemists reflected universal steps in... Read More »

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Addressing the Problem of Evil, Part 5

When you have been hurt or taken advantage of, when evil has gotten one over on you, there is a natural tendency to want to hurt back, to even the score. When you feel life hasn’t meted out a proper punishment, your ego may take it upon itself to... Read More »