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Restoring Testosterone

Life is Fun Again! Written By Dr. Bill Clearfield | Testosterone is the main male sex hormone produced… [read more]

Restoring Testosterone Restoring Testosterone


Written By June Milligan | Once Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, was told by one of his key board… [read more]


Neck down Healthcare is not complete Healthcare

Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T., C.F.M.P. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B. | The autonomic… [read more]

Neck down Healthcare is not complete Healthcare Neck down Healthcare is not complete Healthcare

Reversing the Plague of Heart Disease

Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D. | In efforts lead by the American Heart Association and… [read more]

Reversing the Plague of Heart Disease Reversing the Plague of Heart Disease

How’s Your Hearing?

Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD | New Hearing Discovery It is unusual to run into a new/old… [read more]

How’s Your Hearing? How's Your Hearing?

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Restoring Testosterone

Life is Fun Again! Written By Dr. Bill Clearfield | Testosterone is the main male sex hormone produced in the testicles and adrenal gland, and secreted in the testes. With age, less and less … [Read More...]

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Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power

Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction By Bob Doyle Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings By June Milligan | Wondering how to make the Law of Attraction work in your life? Even … [Read More...]

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Enhance Your Dental Health Naturally

A Holistic Approach to Herbs for Healthy Teeth & Gums By Debbie Hart | PART TWO, the second half of July’s article: Many herbs and natural substances promote tooth and gum health, tightening the gum tissue, promoting circulation, and removing plaque and debris from the mouth. To name just a few, these include resins such […]


Stimulate. Energize your Day with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

by The Vitamin Connection | Whole Body Vibration Therapy may sound mysterious, but in fact, it has been around for nearly 50 years. The idea came from observing human body movement under the influence of earth’s gravitational force. The movement of our internal organs is constantly influenced by gravity, which works in a vertical direction. […]


HOROSCOPE For HEALTH | August 2012

ASTROLOGICAL OUTLOOK VITAL, LIFE-GIVING IDEAS IN A TIME OF PROFOUND CHANGE Written By Eric Francis | The Sun is in Leo through Aug. 22, when it ingresses Virgo. Mercury is retrograde in Leo through Aug. 8 (that began July 14), after which we get the first extended phase in 2012, with no inner planet retrogrades. […]


Provider Profile: Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

Written By Matt Larson | Peripheral neuropathy, vertigo, anxiety, autism, chronic pain and fatigue …Call the chiropractor? Perhaps. A chiropractic neurologist? Even better. Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B., of Power Health Rehab and Wellness in Reno, is just that. “It’s basically personal training for your brain,” he says. “Sometimes that will include chiropractic adjustments. I am […]


Amethyst: the All-Healer

Written By Allison Prater | The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated,” and comes from an ancient legend. Bacchus, the god of wine, angry over an insult, decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. This happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on […]


Natural Remedies For Pets

Holistic and natural therapies for both people and their pets are making headlines these days with great success. The assortment of alternative healing options for pets is unbelievably varied. Herbs, massage, essential oils can all be used on animals – with some restrictions – providing relief without chemical exposure of many commercial products. It is […]


You’ve Got Rhythm!

The sun is shining, the days are long and pleasant, and our minds are on summer and all the fun and healthy activities it brings. We have been letting our bodies bask in the natural vitamin D from the sun and have (hopefully) been savoring summer’s fresh organic fruits and veggies, which are rich with […]

Don’t Be The Victim. Traditional vs. Radical Forgiveness

by Dinny Evans | Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” When allowing outside sources to control your feelings and emotions, you become the victim. Allowing yourself to become the victim is a problem that Radical Forgiveness (RF), a tool used by an RF coach, addresses. Affirmations such […]


From the Kitchen to the Septic Tank. How Does Your Food Flow?

by Shelby Molchan | Located at the end of the Ileum (the last part of the small intestine) the Ileocecal Valve is what separates the small and large intestines. The ICV (Ileocecal Valve) opens to allow a bolus of chyme (digested material) to pass into the Colon to be processed and eliminated. At this point, […]


To Soy or Not to Soy…

By Kurt Grange, PhD, ND Soy. You cannot get away from this supposedly protein rich “health” food. It can be found in almost every aspect of a typical North American’s diet of fast, processed and packaged products including crackers, cookies, breads, baked goods, canned foods, soymilk, soy burgers, soy energy bars, soy ice cream, soy […]