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How We Heal

Written By Laura Peppard | Dis-ease is part of wellness. When things go “wrong” with your body,… [read more]

How We Heal How We Heal

How Do You Define Happiness?

Written By Jack Elliott | I was recently asked to respond to five questions pertaining to happiness.… [read more]

How Do You Define Happiness? How Do You Define Happiness?

Journey into Healing with Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

Written By Sharelle Fiori | Renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama, (affectionately… [read more]

Journey into Healing with Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama Journey into Healing with Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

Gluten Sensitivity: Pearls of Wisdom

Submitted By Power Health | As little as five years ago when we advised a patient to remove gluten… [read more]

Gluten Sensitivity: Pearls of Wisdom Gluten Sensitivity: Pearls of Wisdom

Respect the Psyche and Become Whole

Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD | Analytical thinking is the backbone of science and a key attribute… [read more]

Respect the Psyche and Become Whole Respect the Psyche and Become Whole

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Provider Profile: Ruth Gentry Ph.D.

After having a wonderful experience with a counselor as a child, I knew I wanted to help people feel the same way by helping them make positive changes in their lives. This led me down my long journey … [Read More...]

Book Reviews


Know Youself, Forget Yourself

Five Truths to Transform Your Work, Relationships and Everyday Life By Marc Lesser Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR |  The author of this book is a Zen Buddhist … [Read More...]

Our Popular Articles


MicroNeedling with DermaRoller™: A Natural Method for Rejuvenating Skin

Microneedling is a simple, relatively new concept that can make the skin look younger by reducing lines, scars and discoloration. Applying tiny micro-punctures to the skin with fine needles stimulates the body’s natural healing response, promoting the proliferation of skin cells and the production of collagen. It is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, but [...]


How Healthy is your Heart

Six years ago the American Heart Association made a decision to create a specific focus on women’s cardiovascular health and the Go Red for Women movement was born. In the relatively short time since that decision, hundreds of thousands of women have joined the movement and have been made aware that the number one cause [...]

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Additives… Food and Cosmetics

Are you allergic? By Erina Fischer| So you eat more whole grains, avoid sugar and eat more fresh vegetables and fruit?  Your diet may be nutritious, but are you aware of what other things you may be putting into your body besides nutrients?  Take a moment to look at the ingredients on any of the [...]


Microchipping | It’s always sad to see a flyer stapled to a signpost or on a bulletin board at the grocery store with a picture of a lost pet. You imagine a child waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that some kind person happens to find his kitty and see his flyer. Sadly, once [...]


Flashes & Floaters

What do they indicate? Flashes and floaters are probably the two biggest concerns that patients bring to their optometrists.  So what are they?  What do they indicate?  Why do we get them? Floaters are commonly described by the person experiencing them as specks, dots, threads, and “squigglies” or “spider webs” in the field of vision.  [...]


Sarsaparilla: A Cowboy Spring Tonic

By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD, APH In 19th Century America, people used tonics, purgatives, and cleansers to treat not only themselves, but also their livestock and neighbors, to “eliminate poison from the blood and tissues, purify metabolic toxins left after a hard winter, and rehabilitate the body for the rest of the year.” These [...]

Relax with Bath Salts

by Ariana Purcell, 12 years old | March is the beginning of spring! I love this month because if you are into sports, you usually get to practice outside! I am on the basketball team for my school and we will go outside to play and practice for games very soon. If you aren’t in [...]


Flea Collars

It is commonly thought that there are no fleas in northern Nevada. While there are very few problems with fleas associated with dogs and cats, there definitely are flea species found locally. Specifically, Washoe County has flea species hosted by ground burrowing rodents. Plague, which is transmitted primarily via the bite of infected fleas, is [...]


Five Fun Experiments on your Brain

by Steve Gillman | Want to do some fun experiments on your brain? Don’t worry, these are ones you can try at home. Not only are they perfectly safe, but they will also help you demonstrate your own brainpower. 1. Activate your right brain by singing. You can rhyme more easily when singing, because you’re [...]

NEWS BRIEFS January 2012

MANDALA MASSAGE SUPPLY & APOTHECARY RE-ENERGIZE yourself this year with natural scents in FRESH, LUSH perfumes, bath salts, & moisturizing oils. Reno’s new natural product apothecary and massage supply store. We carry all the basics for therapists and spas along with pure bulk ingredients for cosmetic crafting, vibrant essential and exotic oils, and introducing the [...]