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Healthy Recipe: Berry Protein Smoothie

Submitted by Shannon Vigil, Holistic Health Coach Anytime is a good time for a smoothie in my book.… [read more]

Healthy Recipe: Berry Protein Smoothie Healthy Recipe: Berry Protein Smoothie

Lyme, the great imposter

Written by Michael Gerber, MD, HMD I have known about Lyme disease for years and thought it was… [read more]

Lyme, the great imposter Lyme, the great imposter

Rankema World Summit

Reno-Tahoe June 26th-29th 2015 Join Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama to experience a 4-day event of healing… [read more]

Rankema World Summit Rankema World Summit

Restoring Testosterone

Life is Fun Again! Written By Dr. William N. Clearfield, D.O Testosterone is the main male… [read more]

Restoring Testosterone Restoring Testosterone

Are You Healthy? or Just Not Sick?

ARE YOU HEALTHY? OR JUST NOT SICK? When you ask that question, most people would say, "be healthy,"… [read more]

Are You Healthy? or Just Not Sick? Are You Healthy? or Just Not Sick?

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Healthy Recipe: Berry Protein Smoothie

Submitted by Shannon Vigil, Holistic Health Coach Anytime is a good time for a smoothie in my book. But Summer time is an especially good time for an ice-cold, protein-packed smoothie that gets … [Read More...]

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The MindBody Prescription

HEALING THE BODY, HEALING THE PAIN By Dr. John Sarno, M.D. Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR | In 1990, Dr. John Sarno wrote a best-selling book entitled Healing … [Read More...]

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Publisher’s Letter | February 2014

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Health care and health insurance are two completely different subjects. Health care is an inside job, in other words, you and only you can be the director of your health nutritionally, physically and spiritually. What we feed our body and our mind does affect our health. Heredity […]


Take off Your Shoes! Health and Quality of Indoor Environments. Part 2 of a 6 Part Series

by Kimberly A. Phipps-Nichol | The start of winter and the subsequent increase in indoor time presents a great opportunity to talk about indoor air quality. Heaters and fireplaces are running, inversions lead to days of stale outside air and snow plows drop a sandy grit over the roads for traction. How can you possibly […]

Happy Hormones!

Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD | The Female Side of the Brain In Eastern philosophy, our brain’s right hemisphere is regarded as the female: lunar, cooling, magnetic, receptive, holistic and intuitive brain. The left hemisphere is regarded as the male: solar, logical, deductive, electrical, teaching and heating side of the brain. We all have […]


Sugar’s Surprisingly Large Number of Deadly Effects

Written by Bruce Eichelberger, OMD Escape the Worst Source of the Seasonal Blues and Improve Your Health All Year by Making Better Choices Even though we think of the end-of-the-year holidays as the worst time for being exposed to sugar, we get plenty of opportunity to partake all year long. And that’s a shame because […]


The Marvelous Mint Family

Written By Allison Prater | The mint family is varied and versatile, with a volume of hardy perennial plants. Whether used as a culinary delight, or a simple home remedy, members of the mint family are sure to be refreshing, giving you an enhanced feeling of vim and vigor. Most of us are familiar with […]

A Healthy Liver is Key to Graceful Aging

PART 1 When people want to slow down the aging process maintaining a healthy liver is not something they think about. Usually the heart, skin and brain come to mind first. It may come up in the news when someone famous, like Walter Payton dies of liver disease. Respect Your Liver – Your liver is […]

Drugless Alternatives for Cold and Flu Season

by Zane Tobin, HHP, EMT | Well you guessed it; it’s that time of year again. The time when all the cold and flu viruses like to stay indoors where its warm and cozy and where they can infect the unsuspecting, you. There are more than 200 different viruses that can cause the collection of […]

The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education

By Arlyn Zones, Practitioner & Trainer, Feldenkrais Resources, Berkeley, CA | Do you have pain? Do you have trouble focusing your attention? Have you stopped doing activities you used to enjoy?  If you want to reconnect with your natural abilities to move, think and feel, then read on… The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique and […]

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Learning More About THE Zero Waste Concept

By The Zero Waste Alliance The Case for Zero Waste Waste causes great loss of value and resources.  Humans are the only species that create waste.  We can learn to identify all types of waste and through their elimination, save money and achieve a more sustainable world. Zero Waste – What is it all about? […]