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Will Cook For Sex Again, Again… and Again

A Guy’s Guide to Cooking

“Impressing your woman is a never-ending affair.There are two misconceptions about cooking for sex. The first isthat this is a young man’s game. I worked on the first book withmy old man. When we were working on the drafts and recipes, Isaw many of his friends, who obviously are older, get genuinelyexcited about the idea. They couldn’t wait to try the recipes andon more than one occasion would call for cooking advice leadinginto an evening. That’s a rather small sample of a generation so Icouldn’t hang my theory on their enthusiasm, but once the bookwas released, there was no doubt who was enthusiastic aboutcooking for sex. The 50-, 60-, and 70-somethings enjoyed theidea as much as the 20 and 30 year olds! The Who got it wrong:you don’t want to die before you get old.

The other misconception is that this is merely a maneuver forsingle guys. Not necessarily. We’re always trying to score withour women, and that applies to married men just the same.Cooking for your mate is a fail-safe approach to impressing her,thus making you more attractive in her eyes and inevitably settingthe mood. I have met countless wives who are thrilled about theirmen cooking for them.”

— Rocky Fino

Never judge a book by its cover–this cookbook is full of awide variety of gourmet recipes that can be tackled by justabout anyone. Rocky Fino’s book “Will Cook For Sex Again,Again… and Again” can help you cook like a professionalchef. It takes the most complicated recipes and breaksthem down into simple steps that can be executed by themost clueless chef. And if you’re not feeling too ambitious,there are plenty of simple, fail-proof recipes hat are sure toimpress even the toughest critic.

This cookbook offers everything from simple and easy, rich andflavorful, to sweet and decadent. “Will Cook For Sex Again,Again… and Again” is a perfect gift for anyone looking tospice up their cooking skills–male or female. Recipes includebroiled lobster tails, lemon créme fettuccine, spicy crab salad,chocolate tart and many more. But, it’s more than just cookingfor sex; it’s a great match for anyone who wants to learn how tocook delicious and elegant meals and desserts for any specialoccasion. Forget about taking cooking classes or taking yourdate out to a generic dinner; “Will Cook For Sex” is a must havefor anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn how toimpress their guests with a homemade meal.