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Wildflower Musings – Furnish Your Life With Art

This month we have rearranged the Open Door Gallery at Wildflower Village. As I assembled the collage of artwork that makes our gallery so unique, I reflect on the fact that since starting the galleries, I have not been inside a mall.

When traveling, I visit other galleries and especially those that reflect a similar vision as that of Wildflower Village and the Arts Co-op. I bring back items which I think our artists and clients will appreciate: A trivet made from pottery with fused glass; a new necklace with strands of amber beads and silver clay forms that encircle the strands; a new Raku piece that James Miles our ceramicist may enjoy.

The Village is a growing venture, bits and pieces of art here and there that reflect our local talent and the inspiration they bring us all: a rich world, both healing and vibrantly alive.

Everything in our gallery reflects a functional form of art. Textiles, jewelry, sculpture, pottery, art glass, scarves, kinetic metal art, purses… all can be used daily. We are uplifted by their beauty and long-living usefulness. Imported and manufactured goods found in a mall reflect the short-term, instant gratification which our society is finally rejecting. Visiting a locally owned restaurant means that your dollars are spent circulating within the local community. The administrative and publicity costs are far less and the goods purchased are therefore a better value.

In the spirit of the holidays, I encourage you to do the same. When purchasing a gift, think of the beauty of the item, its function and ability to continue giving joy to the receiver for many years to come. Feel the connection to the artist, whose vision is realized in the gift you have chosen to give.

This is the first of my Musing from the Wildflower, Reno’s extraordinary art village. Visit us and experience its healing and magical quality this holiday season. You can email me at I would welcome your ideas for future Wildflower Musings.