Healthy Beginnings

Why does your skin age?

There are two factors that affect the aging of the skin: Intrinsic and extrinsic. Let’s talk about extrinsic or external aging. This is the natural process of biological aging compiled with exterior causes such as sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, lifestyle, cosmetics and other allergens and lack of care. It is extrinsic aging that affects the appearance of the skin. The most damaging of all of these exterior causes is sunlight. In fact, it has been said that ninety percent of the aging of your skin is due to sun damage. If this is true, think of the control one has as to how much the skin actually ages.

We must protect the skin from the sun. The most effective anti-wrinkle cream is sunblock. The best protection is a physical block that is natural, such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides. Avoid the chemical sunscreen ingredient octyl methoxycinnamate (OCM)

Equally valuable is the use of nutrients that infuse into the tissue and support healthy cell development. Antioxidants are an answer to a healthier skin, but a key consideration as to the effects of a topical antioxidant is its ability to penetrate. Important antioxidant ingredients are superoxide dismutase, plant derived antioxidants, resveratrol (wine extracts), grape seed extracts, d-alpha tocopherol, l-ascorbic and betacarotene.

Work on these and you are well on your way to having younger looking skin, and can potentially slow down the aging process all together.

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