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The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

  • October 1, 2016
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  • By Joyce Schwartz, Reviewed by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR
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  • Categories: Healthy Mind, Spirituality


This book proves that dreaming the impossible dream, then actually making it happen, is not impossible. A vision board is an example of one of the key practices of ancient Hawaiian Huna that was a big part of creating their focus on a positive future. The author has captured the essence of this practice in her clear and concise approach to modern thinking. She offers her own framework to help the reader engage in the work she calls GRABS, which stands for Gratitude, Release and Receive, Acknowledge and Ask, Be and Believe, and Share. This book gives the reader a “passport to possibility” from both a spiritual and a practical perspective.


For those who have never heard of a vision board, it’s simply a bulletin board, wall or door on which you tack pictures, flyers, and/or quotes of what you want to achieve or have. The idea is to keep these images in front of your subconscious mind so that you can program yourself to believe you already have it. That is the key. Acting and thinking as if you already have it. There are thousands of true stories of people creating vision boards and, as a result, achieving what they want in ways they never expected. After all, we have certain ideas of how things can come to us but they’re very limited if you think of all the ways things can actually be achieved. A personal true story about visioning is in order here:


I had a friend who wanted a yellow Lamborghini. With his salary, there was no way he thought that he could ever achieve it. Nevertheless, he cut out a photograph of a beautiful yellow Lamborghini and put it on his desk. He looked at it every day and visualized (mentally rehearsed) himself driving that car. Not long after that he got a much better paying job in Los Angeles and moved away from Phoenix. He took his picture with him and continued to look at it and dream of himself driving it, every day. About six months later he decided to check out a Lamborghini dealership in Beverly Hills to see if they had any used cars that he could afford. He spoke to a salesman who showed him a beautiful black Lamborghini. He took a test drive in it and loved it. Returning to the dealership, he explained to the salesman that he really wanted a yellow car. Attempting to convince him to buy the black one, the salesman looked in the glove compartment of the car and pulled out the service record, to show my friend how well the car had been maintained. When he opened the booklet a picture of a yellow Lamborghini fell out. There was a hand-written note on the picture that said, “This car was featured in Car and Driver magazine.” And gave a date. My friend was stunned because it was the same picture he’d had on his desk for years. He asked the salesman, “Is there a chance this car was once painted yellow?” The salesman drove the car over to the hydraulic lift and looked underneath. Sure enough, there were bits of yellow paint on the underside of the car. This was the exact car that my friend had been dreaming about for so long. Not a car LIKE the one he had pictured in his mind, but the EXACT car. He found a way to buy it, had it painted yellow and is driving it today.


That is an example of the power of your mind. Because every thought has a vibrational frequency and attracts “like thoughts,” you are creating your future every time you think a thought. This book explains how to create your own personal vision board, and why. The Vision Board is well worth buying. You can purchase it online or at your favorite bookstore.