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To Wax… or Not to Wax

Close up waxing in by a beautician in a spa center

Let’s be honest – waxing doesn’t tickle, but some discomfort is worth it for skin that stays smooth for 2-3 weeks, does not leave tiny cuts on your skin, or scrape your epidermis. Waxing lifts the hair out with the root. Shaving is more like cutting down a tree– it leaves a stump that is coarse and rough. And, since each pore contains several hair follicles, when you wax, removing the hair with the root, the next hair grows back with a soft pointed end, not a stump. It feels softer and grows back slower. Over time when you wax, your hair will become sparser. In many cases it will not grow back once all the hair has been removed. Bikini waxing isn’t just for beach bunnies; women of all ages are getting Bikini and Brazilian waxes. You will feel better in a swimsuit and raise your partner’s heart rate!

Bikini Wax: Perfect for women new to waxing, this service cleans up the hairline on sides and top.

French Wax: Similar to the Bikini – a half-inch more is removed from sides and top.

Brazilian Wax: Usually all hair is removed (front & back); some women leave a thin landing strip down the front.

Full Brazilian Wax: Similar to the Brazilian but without the landing strip.

Full Leg and Underarm Waxing: All I have to say is, goodbye razor!

Arms, eyebrows, lip, chin, face, chest, back and neck (its all good).

Typically three kinds of waxes are used: sugar, honey and azulene, a soothing, chamomile flower based wax, considered by many to be top of the line. If you have never tried waxing you should at least once; you may never want to touch a razor again! And there is only one way to find out!

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