Healthy Beginnings

The Sun in Sagittarius

300-saggitariusAs we near the end of the year, a cycle is coming to an end. We need to look ahead and make plans for the future. The mind and heart need a sense of direction and purpose in order for our lives to be fruitful. We need goals towards which we strive, so that we can accomplish what we desire. It gives life meaning.

The modern debate as to whether there is meaning to life is answered astrologically by the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius. It is the sign that rules wisdom and understanding. Culturally, it expresses as religion, philosophy and metaphysics. A modern synthesis of these principles is what Aldous Huxley named “The Perennial Philosophy.” This body of knowledge constitutes the universal cosmic laws upon which all life is based.

There is a divine design and a divine plan that give meaning and purpose to life. In the individual consciousness, this understanding and realization is contained within the higher wisdom mind. Each of us needs to actively develop and unfold this part of our awareness. It is present inside each and everyone of us. This is the archetype of the guru, the sage, and the wise one. When this awareness is lively and active within us, we are in a state of understanding how life works.

The cosmic laws that rule this game of life can be consciously worked with to position ourselves to live in harmony with life and the universe. This is the foundation of establishing true health: to live in balance and harmony with all life.

The Sun enters into Sagittarius on November 21. Every year there is an enlivenment of this consciousness. It wants us to evaluate where we are and identify the trends of time that are affecting us. This should then become the basis for our seeing into and planning for the future. Having a plan becomes essential during the times of dramatic change that we are now experiencing. For most people, their old plans and visions of the future will need changing in order to adjust to the realities of these new times.

Career, retirement, vacations, finances, etc. may need to be looked at and require some changes based upon a more negative financial outlook for the future. We have entered into a time of contraction economically, which will demand that we economize and cut expenses. It is time to get lean and mean and get back to basics. Wisdom tells us that the most important things in life are basic and simple and do not require an extravagant lifestyle.

Physiologically, Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter, rule the liver and the pancreas. Sagittarians tend to have a weakness in these organs from overindulging. It is a good time to do a liver cleanse in order to release toxicity out of the system. The herbs of The Archer are good for the liver, increase bile flow, and work with the pancreas in balancing the metabolism. Some of these herbs are dandelion, horsetail, Oregon grape root, and wild yam. Bach Flower remedies ruled by Sagittarius are vervain and wild oat. They can be useful now. This biochemic salt ruled by this sign is silica. The quartz substance facilitates cleansing and the release of toxins. Let’s get healthy.

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