Healthy Beginnings

The Stars and Your Health

It is an ancient teaching that there is a fundamental connection between the stars and the well-being of the physical body. Manuscripts dating from 500 BC describe how to diagnose and treat illness based upon astrology. Hippocrates, the father of

Western medicine, described the correspondence between the stars and planets with the organs and parts of the body.

Astrology had a significant influence on the art of healing from ancient times up through the 1600s. The study of the stars was considered an essential part of a physician’s training. This celestial perspective on a person’s health began to change in the 1700s as the modern scientific method increasingly grew in influence. Today, astrological principles are again being investigated in the application, treatment and understanding of illness.

The Hermetic axiom of “As above, so below” formed the metaphysical and philosophical basis for connecting the stars and the medical arts. It was understood that the body was the microcosm of the macrocosm of the starry universe. The signs of the zodiac and the planets were intimately involved in the creation and formation of the body.

The creative spiritual hierarchies that express through the signs and the planets constitute forces, principles, ideas and functions that are structured within the cosmos and the human body. In astrological terminology, the signs and the planets rule the various parts of the body and their functions. The wholeness which is the cosmos is replicated in the wholeness of the functioning of the body.

We must remember that the body is the vehicle for the indwelling soul and spirit to express through. The health and well-being of the body provide a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling life. Listed briefly below are the traditional rulerships of the signs and planets with the corresponding parts of the body:

Aries: Head and brain

Taurus: Neck and throat

Gemini: Shoulders, arms, hands, lungs

Cancer: Stomach and breasts

Leo: Heart and spine

Virgo: Intestines

Libra: Kidneys

Scorpio: Bladder and genitals

Sagittarius: Hips and thighs

Capricorn: Skin, bones, knees

Aquarius: Calves and ankles

Pisces:  Feet

Sun: Heart

Venus:  Kidneys, thymus

Mercury: Lungs, nerves, thyroid

Moon: Female reproductive organs, lymph

Saturn: Gall bladder, skin, teeth

Jupiter:                  Liver

Mars: Male reproductive organs, adrenal glands

Uranus: Pituitary gland

Neptune: Pineal gland

Pluto: Kundalini, colon

The above is just a basic listing. Every part and function of the body has its astrological rulership, which results in our bodies being a miniature functioning cosmos of which we are the custodian.

When we examine the natal chart, we are able to determine the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the physical body with which we were born. This is determined by the house and sign placement of the planets and whether aspects to particular planets are positive or negative, harmonious or disharmonious. If the aspects are good, it means the organ is essentially strong and healthy. If the aspect is conflicted, then there will be problems arising with that part of the body and its function. This condition will manifest as a health crisis or disease activated by the ongoing movement of the planets through progressions and transits.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we have not achieved perfected expression. Therefore we are all born with inherent weaknesses in parts of our bodies that will result in health problems. We are the custodians of our bodies and we have a responsibility to care for them in an enlightened manner. One of the more fundamental paradigms of our life here on Earth is that we have come here to heal ourselves. The body is a beautiful and complex creation that must be understood from a holistic perspective with an emphasis on balance and moderation in all things.

Our natal chart represents our karmic inheritance from past lives. If a planet, sign or part of the body is strong or weak, that represents objectively how we have treated that part of our body in past lives. We must remember, though, that every part of the body represents the function of a specific quality of consciousness. The deeper issue is the healing of a pattern of thinking, feeling or action if we are going to truly heal a dysfunctional organ.

The primary source of disease is on the level of consciousness.   This occurs when we fail to positively change negative, self-sabotaging and self-destructive patterns that weaken and damage the part of the body responsible for those activities. To the degree that we change these patterns from a negative to a positive expression, we truly heal ourselves down to the level of our physical body.

Some health issues are considered to be hereditary and are passed down through the generations. It’s easy to blame our parents and grandparents for our illness, but that would be an incorrect understanding. We all have our family karma which manifests as specific strengths and weaknesses passed on through a family lineage. But we must remember that we were born into a specific family because of shared tendencies and karma.

The basic principle of relationship is that like attracts like. We are naturally attracted to those that are similar to us, in both positive and negative ways. We must take responsibility for our illness and heal ourselves. The doctor or the healer cannot truly heal us. They can be a catalyst to create healing opportunities but if we do not change the underlying behavior pattern that is the source of the illness, then it is just a matter of time before the dysfunctional condition returns.

An idea that appears in all of the ancient traditions, including the Bible, is that God gave mankind the kingdoms of nature to provide us with the necessary healing remedies. Nature contains a cornucopia of healing remedies that are the basis of all ancient medical systems. The mineral, plant and animal kingdoms provide us with all that is needed to make us healthy. Our present health system has strayed a long way from the foundations of true health. The results are evident in the increasing ill health of society and the exploding cost of health care.

A fundamental teaching of the ancient wisdom is that which is known as the chain of being. This doctrine describes the Supreme Being in manifest expression as twelve-fold in nature. These 12 aspects take form in the 12 signs of the zodiac. These signs embody cosmic laws, principles and functions that are expressed and administered by the various spiritual hierarchies. These principles then become manifest at a lower level of creation in the planets. Then together, the intelligences of the stars and planets manifest these energies and forces in man and nature. They are manifest in the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Every animal, plant and mineral has its astrological correspondence and rulership, which means that it contains those celestial forces and powers within its being. The medical arts of antiquity were aware of this and these principles became the basis of their approach to healing. Every disease can be diagnosed astrologically and the needed natural remedies can be identified and utilized. This is the historical source of herbal medicine. There is also an art and science of mineral, crystal and metallic tincture that is part of this approach. In the shamanistic and Chinese methodologies to healing, various animal parts are utilized. Everything in nature contains potent celestial powers and forces that are made available to humanity for our well-being. In more recent times, additional natural remedies based in the astrological arts are cells salts, Bach flower remedies and homeopathics.


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