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The Power of Visualization

Working with your subconscious mind you’ll reap what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Working with your subconscious mind you’ll reap what you want rather than what you don’t want.

What do professional athletes, captains of industry, Olympic contenders, and successful people in all walks of life have in common? They know how to visualize what they want to achieve. They focus on their goals as a regular mental exercise, and see themselves living that out. The reason for the success of consistent and vivid visualization is simple: what we focus on, we attract. This is true because we live in an immense quantum sea of vibrating energy that is consistently responsive to how and what we think. Our thoughts are creative forces and are forever trying to express themselves in our lives.

Visualization is simply mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of having or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over, accompanied by the emotion you would feel if it were actually happening now. You live it and feel it now. On one level you see this as practice, but your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and what is imagined. The subconscious will act upon the images you create within your mind, whether those images match your current reality or not. But if you continue to think only about what you’re experiencing, you’ll continue to attract the same current reality. The desire is the engine but emotion is the fuel, so as you visualize what you want, you must feel it as if you already have it.

Consciousness creates reality and you create consciousness. John Kehoe explains in his book Mind Power that there are four main prosperity beliefs: it’s an abundant universe, life is fun and rewarding, there are staggering numbers of opportunities in every aspect of my life and it’s my own responsibility to be successful. By working with your subconscious mind to plant seeds of prosperity, you’ll reap what you want rather than what you don’t want. It’s important to realize that our conscious and subconscious minds work together to create our reality. If we think of the subconscious mind as a garden with deep fertile soil that accepts any seed that is planted within it and the conscious mind as the gardener, we have a very apt analogy. So we must be careful what reaches the inner mind, the garden.

The subconscious will not discriminate, judge or censor. It does not decide what you should be thinking or what would be most beneficial for you. It will take what is planted, either positive or negative, and manifest it. If we plant fear, worry, and self-doubt, we’ll reap exactly that, in very creative ways. If we plant (expect) success, happiness and inner peace, that is what we’ll reap. As explained above, the more emotion we add to our visualizations, the faster the manifestation will come to us, whether it’s positive or negative. The more specific we can be, and the more often we repeat our visualizations, the faster the manifestation will come.

Unfortunately for most of us, our role as the creator of our reality, the gardener, was never explained to us nor did we have anyone modeling it in our lives. And because we didn’t understand this natural law, we allowed seeds of all kinds, both good and bad, to be planted in our subconscious. Therefore we have reaped all kinds of situations, both good and bad.

But once we understand the fact that our subconscious will bring to us whatever we want or need, and we start regularly projecting the thoughts and images of what that would look like, we attract the people and circumstances we need in order to achieve our goals. Our minds are powerful, and it’s time we learned how to use that brilliant built-in energy mechanism to create what we want. It’s time to take our power back!

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