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Stubborn Belly Fat? Shake the Inches off with the Turbosonic.

The Turbosonic is an amazing medical device; a unique exercise and healing tool that generates sonic sound vertical whole body vibration. It is a safe and effective way to excite the human cells. Sound and energy penetrate into every cell and the muscles flex and relax with each vibration. It improves
slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers by increasing production of growth hormones, which increases muscle endurance and strength. The body feels energetic and alive at the cellular level.

The therapy consists of minimal effort by standing on a Turbosonic platform that produces sonic vibration from 3Hz to 50Hz with variation of amplitudes from zero to 100. These sonic vibrations are transferred to your body, stimulating absolutely every part of your body from your cells to the blood vessels, organs and muscles. Feedback from users of the turbosonic, regarding a pre-programmed cycle that addresses the belly, has been positively phenomenal. This cycle is very effective at moving energy and fluids throughout the body, stimulating and healing the cells in each targeted muscle group and organ.

Reducing belly fat has a profound effect on our health. Visceral fat, which is deep belly fat, is a different type of fat than that found in other parts of the body. The amount of visceral fat a person carries around is directly associated with metabolic syndrome, which is a group of cardiovascular risk factors that result in insulin resistance.

Metabolic syndrome typically results in obesity, increased cholesterol, levels of heart and artery disease and stroke. By using the Turbosonic machine two to three times per week in 10 minute sessions, users noticed weight loss and a decrease in belly fat. They also noticed more abdominal muscle tone and an increase in their core strength.

A testimony:

I have been on the Turbo Sonic now for 20 visits over the last three months. This is the most amazing workout I have ever had with absolutely no effort on my part. I’m very busy, travel a lot and don’t have the time to spend 6 to 8 hours in a gym each week. And it takes at least 4-6 weeks to see results from gym workouts.

At ten minutes per visit on the Turbo Sonic I have only spent a total of 200 minutes or just over three hours on workouts in the last three months. I have lost 12 pounds, smoothed out my stomach and muffin tops and toned my buttocks, with the only real effort being the drive to Vitamin Connection.

The adrenalin rush I get every time I use it lasts for days and I feel absolutely great. I stand up straighter and have significantly more energy. The first I used it I thought this can’t possibly work, I’ve literally made no effort But the next morning I could feel my muscles ache in the exact places
I had targeted with the Turbo Sonic. My muscles felt tight and toned after just a few workouts.

People say a vibration machine is fitness for lazy people…this is not the case. Vibration training is hard work even though it takes only 10 minutes a session two or three times a week. If you are trying to lose weight, you still need aerobic activity and a healthy diet; however this machine is really beneficial in re-shaping your body while decreasing visceral fat.

A ten minute session, using prescribed exercise movements has dramatically helped reduce fat in my abdomen and buttock-hip areas, trimmed my arms and toned my neck and face. The added plus is that I am stronger and have increased balance, mental clarity, not usually found with traditional exercise alone.

If you would like an active movement to enhance your workout, we have a certified yoga instructor who will guide you through proper breathing and yoga postures: an added attraction in modality of movement. You can accomplish a maximum effect of exercise with a minimum amount of time!

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