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Raising Champions For Life – 6 Qualities of Successful Teens

Written By Coach Carl, Founder of Every Child Healthy Network |

Every teen has the potential to achieve great success; and our school systems and home lives could do better to ignite their inner resources, and to reassure them with strategies to succeed in life.

There are six qualities of successful teens. Kids who demonstrate these qualities early on will grow, develop and build inner muscles that will help them achieve great success in their future. Habits and qualities shape their destinies in life. They will carry on through adulthood what they learn about themselves today, and be more certain about who they are as it comes time to enter their future.

Here are the 6 qualities:

Heart: Teens who meet challenges with passion and an inner connection to self-win! Our goal as parents is to re-direct our kids to the heart. The heart never lies and beholds our greatest truth, which builds amazing amounts of character in our teens.

Adaptability: A teen’s ability to move through challenges and opportunities depends on their ability to remain emotionally flexible, to adjust as necessary and to maintain living their own best life. Teens who lack causative skills are more likely to live in frustration and resignation.

Trust: This is a big one! What grade were you in when you learned how to trust yourself? It’s not something that is taught, but created from within. The ability to know with absolute certainty that you can follow your gut is the most valuable of all qualities. Can you imagine where the world would be if Dr. King did not trust his gut and mission? If Gandhi did not trust his intuition?

A teen’s greatest fear is that they may fail and let their parents down. Trusting their gut is the remedy to overcome fear of failure.

Commitment: Most teens think commitment is an emotion; it’s not. It’s a never ending, daily action or series of actions required to achieve a goal, NO MATTER how they feel. When teens understand that commitment allows them to break through any challenge, fear escapes them.

Responsibility (solution oriented): How teens respond to challenges and opportunities will dictate their life and shape their future. Teens who respond negatively to challenges will live in avoidance, not action. Teens who realize they have a choice in every moment take on their lives as leaders, not followers.

Responsibility is our job as parents. It’s not about telling our kids what to do; that’s dictatorship. Responsibility is about providing choices for our teens, so they can decide how to respond to their own life.

A voice: The power of self-expression is vital to their well-being; and builds a certainty about who they are. Teens who discover how powerful their voice is, especially when the odds seem against them, are teens who will be effective in their lives as adults.


Coach Carl has been a Peak Performance Coach for more than 11 years and is the Founder of Every Child Healthy Network. For more info on Coach Carl and Fit, Wise & Amazing Kids camp, visit online at