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Quickly Erase Past Traumas, Permanently! Release And Rejoice!

For years, practitioners of acupressure (no needles, just gentle tapping or pressing) have known that there are certain acupoints on the body that have a very rapid, powerful, releasing-effect on negative emotions created by past trauma. Due to the way our fight-or-flight brain functions, any time an event even remotely like the original trauma occurs in your life, those original emotions and body sensations come flooding back. If the event was particularly emotional (like the loss of a job, a natural disaster or an automobile accident), or happened many times (such as a parent or spouse repeating a negative statement or calling us names) then we experience the emotions and the body sensations (throat tightening up, feeling sick to our stomach) that we experienced when it first happened. We wish we could forget that experience for good, but no matter how much we try to forget, it sticks like glue–until now. Finally, we have learned how to coax the subconscious mind into changing the past.

You may remember quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. He is considered one of the most important authors and pioneers in the field of consciousness. He says, “The world is malleable, infinitely changeable; not only are we capable of changing the present, but also the past.”

We have recently learned that by pressing just a few acupoints on the body, while saying very specific words that the limbic mind understands, the negative scene or memory disappears completely, or changes into another scene, something the mind considers more pleasant. When the scene changes, the emotions that were associated with the trauma also change into pleasant or neutral emotions, or just register as relief. At any rate, you feel at peace. But that’s not all.

When the emotions change, the trauma leaves your body as well. You can actually feel the change. It’s like a domino effect. The scene changes, then the emotions, then the body sensations. So what’s left in the way of that original negative memory? Sort of a foggy pale scene or nothing at all, with no emotional charge attached. Your body feels peaceful, relieved or just nothing. That neck and shoulder tightness disappears, or the knot in your stomach, your lower back pain or the pressure in your chest…is gone.

Sometimes the scene disappears immediately; sometimes it morphs and changes into a peaceful or delightful scene; you may now see yourself walking through a field of flowers, or flying away with a flock of geese; or being picked up by an angel and carried to safety. It’s different for everyone. The most amazing thing about this Remove and Rejoice process is that whenever one is prompted to think of the original traumatic scene, it isn’t clear any more. The flock of geese or the angel, or the fields of flowers come to mind, bringing the emotions to match the new scene. If you try really hard to bring back the original scene (I don’t know why you would want to), it may reassemble itself indistinctly; like a faded old photograph, but the negative emotions will be gone for good, as well as the anxiety response from your body.

If you have experienced many traumas, or have developed a belief or attitude that has been created by living through those traumas, then instead of a scene, a simple shape can be used to represent the belief. The same acupressure points are used, the same magic words repeated, and voila! In your mind, the shape changes color, texture, size, and simply disappears or becomes something else…another shape or a pleasant scene, which of course results in different emotions as well as a feeling of release and freedom in your body.

This process works with any kind of trauma, any scene, memory, fear or phobia, and takes only a few moments. We may have negative scenes and memories that keep coming to mind, causing a lack of self confidence; a general anxiety, sadness, nervousness, fear of public speaking, fear of risking, test anxiety, fear of social interactions or countless other feelings of unhappiness or unworthiness that block us from reaching our full potential.

Acupressure has been used for healing and soothing purposes for over five thousand years. Through recent university research, we now know that the meridian (acupressure) system, those lines of energy with almost 400 points, is directly connected to the limbic system; the part of our brain that stores all our traumas (thinking we may need them someday). When we remove the negative scenes and memories held by that part of our brain, we will be improving our health and healing our emotions. We will have taken our power back; and as far as our subconscious mind is concerned, it has changed the past.

This process is easily done over the phone. One of the best features of this quick little procedure is that the practitioner doesn’t have to know what the scene or memory is. If it is an embarrassing scene that you don’t want to tell anyone, that’s fine. You are the only one who needs to know what it is. It can be quickly neutralized without anyone else ever having to learn about it. Unblock yourself now by removing scenes and memories you never want to think about again.


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