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Product Review: Arbonne’s Protein Shakes

Our beautiful fall season is here in Northern Nevada. Hopefully, we’ll take a second to feel the air getting cooler every day and watch the vibrant leaves fall from the trees. This might also take some of our minds to the coming holidays. Of course, then worry sets in about Christmas shopping, preparing and planning for events and family get-togethers, what food to make, pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, oh my. Here comes the extra layer of FAT again. The winter coat, spare tire, muffin top, cinnamon roll buns; you know, the one we worked so hard to get rid of last spring to look good for the summer.

Maintaining weight during the holidays is dreadful. It’s hard to watch everyone eat that delicious, buttery, creamy, sugary food while some of us nibble on tofu turkey and celery sticks. No, we tend to join them in their scrumptious affair. But, this holiday season, we can do it with portion control in mind! Wait, how do we do portion control with twenty-five different dishes in one sitting? What one needs is to satisfy their cravings with a nutritious protein shake before they are faced with twenty-five dishes…and then dessert.

For example, say you’re getting ready for your company holiday party and you don’t want to overindulge because you just have to fit into that dress or stylish, fitted shirt for your friends’ party next weekend. You also got off work late, so there is no time to make a healthy snack beforehand. Therefore, you show up starving and start the buffet line while telling yourself, “I will have one spoon of a few things.” By the time you’re done talking to everyone in line and serving yourself, you find that your plate is loaded with one spoonful of everything. You can’t put it back; now you have to eat it. You offer yourself a typical rationale: there are starving people out there who would die to have even half of this.

From that point on, you decide to have a protein shake before these types of events, in hopes it will stave off your hunger. The question now becomes, which one will you choose?

Arbonne International formulated a protein shake that does not contain chemically processed ingredients. They believe, “we are not only what we eat, but what we absorb.”

One serving of Arbonne’s Protein shakes—chocolate or Vanilla—contains

• 20 grams of easily digestible vegan protein blend, such as pea protein isolate, cranberry protein, and rice protein. Also added are coenzyme Q10, alfalfa, ginseng and flax seed.

• NO animal by-products, casein or whey

• NO cholesterol, saturated fat, Tran’s fat, lactose, gluten, sucralose, artificial colors or flavors

• Proprietary Inner-G Plex with nutrients that deliver antioxidants and help replenish energy

• NO soy

• 20 essential vitamins and minerals that help support general health

• Helps you feel full longer, curbs appetite and cravings

Arbonne protein shakes are convenient to use as a meal replacement or after a workout. Vanilla or Chocolate Shakes come in a 2lb. bag of powder, or ready to go single servings in powder or liquid.

Arbonne protein shakes will satisfy your hunger and easily replace a meal. They’re great when you are in a hurry or on-the-go. They will also work wonders with upcoming holiday parties (curbing your appetite for that second round of turkey or slice of pumpkin pie). After this holiday season, you will be happy when spring rolls around and you get to wear less clothing…and that bathing suit won’t look so scary!

For more info, contact Angela Lively, District Manager and Independent consultant for Arbonne International at (775) 351- 5191 or e-mail her at