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Dawn Gowery, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief and founder

Dawn Gowery is the creative visionary and driving force of Healthy Beginnings (HB), It’s a Lifestyle Magazine, website, and Social Mediasphere.

Healthy Beginnings has become a community hub for all things natural, organic and healthy. Articles cover all aspects of natural health and wellbeing—nutrition, fitness, families, pets, the environment, green building and sustainability, corporate responsibility and accountability, local agriculture and cooperative community efforts.

Healthy Beginnings magazine and website is the culmination of Dawn’s creative vision and long-time dedication to finding natural alternatives and organic solutions for living. She is committed to sharing this information with others so that they have choices to make educated decisions. Believing that people can think for themselves, Dawn puts forth new ideas in an open, unbiased format allowing readers to discern for themselves what is beneficial to a happy and healthy life. By putting forth unbiased, reliable, referenced information; it is up to the reader to decide their course of action. Information is knowledge; each reader can then feel empowered to take ownership of their own health!

In the magazine, Ms. Gowery combines her passion for natural health with her highly successful advertising, creative design, marketing and sales skills. The result is a unique venue for people who want local, timely, fact-based and educational information about natural health and living, and for the businesses that want to reach this targeted audience.

Successful in all facets of corporate and personal direct sales—from Fortune 500 Directory publishing, advertising sales and marketing, to large event (trade show) conception, planning and execution, to on-air sales at TV’s Home Shopping Network. From these experiences, she developed a unique capacity to concretize abstract marketing ideas and breathe life into them with a clear call to action. This skill, paired with her intelligence, drive and discipline makes her a highly effective business visionary, entrepreneur and publisher.

Dawn hails from a military family with roots in ranching and education, people who respected the land, other people and their innumerable differences. She was born in Los Angeles and grew up in a military family; she was a hiker and naturalist, even as a child. She has lived and traveled extensively in the US and Germany, living on the east coast and for longer periods in Rapid City, South Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Southwest Florida. She currently resides in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Her undergraduate degree is in Mass Communications from the University of Texas. She is a mother of four children, and a grandmother of four. She loves nature and the outdoors, and believes deeply in living by the golden rule, having fun and facing life with a laugh and a smile.
She has this to say about health: “In a perfect world, doctors would be our partners, helping us to investigate the cause of our health concerns, educating us on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, supplements and/or as a last resort, medicines or surgery. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. It is up to each of us to keep our selves healthy and in tip top shape.

Knowledge is power and unbiased information is key—empowering us to make quality, life-sustaining choices.

Ffjorren Zolfaghar, Offers a Refreshing Perspective

Ffjorren, Editor and Content Manager, comes to Healthy Beginnings Magazine with a background in writing, editing and marketing. As her passion lies within the field of writing, she obtained a BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota. She also believes that information is given purpose when it is passed on to others; therefore Journalism was a natural fit.

During her experience in TV, Radio and Newspaper, Ffjorren fine-tuned her writing and editing skills; working closely with corporate marketing teams, developing pitches, slogans and overall advertising campaigns for T-Mobile and CBS radio.

She began writing freelance articles for HB magazine in May, 2007. Ffjorren is excited to take on the role of Editor and is looking forward to providing professional, effective and ethical standards when addressing the content of Healthy Beginnings Magazine.

As HB Magazine looks to writers, professionals and specialists for content sources, Ffjorren understands her position as Editor. She will work to establish punctuation, grammar and flow. It is not her intention to change the style or voice of the content.

Ffjorren currently resides near the San Francisco Bay Area. She and her four children visit Reno and its surrounding areas as often as their schedule allows. She enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities including running, hiking and skiing. She is also heavily involved in her local theatre and music community. This summer, she will instruct three youth drama camps. She will perform in “A Streetcar Named Desire” as Stella, this coming fall.

Her children also keep her busy. Ffjorren’s four-year-old twins are involved in tennis and swimming. Her 13-year-old daughter plays basketball and soccer and is currently writing her first book. Her two-year-old son loves the water and is looking forward to soccer this fall. He recently perfected his “Cookie Monster” voice.

We all have busy lives and the world around us adds to the pressure and speed of our daily routine. It is comforting to know that “local” still exists. Healthy Beginnings Magazine offers intelligent, well-researched and inspiring information. Our readers anticipate articles that are global-forward, yet offer solutions at the local level. While keeping her eye on the future, Ffjorren is happy to continue that tradition.

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Ariana Purcell

Ariana Purcell is currently in 7th grade. She began writing for Healthy Beginnings when she was nine years old. Her writings generally cover topics that she is most familiar with like soccer, music, family, friends and simply just being a kid.

She was born in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived there for most of her life. She lives in California now, with her mother and three siblings. However, she did live in Nevada for a short time. She enjoyed skiing and horseback riding camp during her time in the Sierras.

Ariana spends some of her school breaks and part of the summer in Minneapolis. She also visits the Reno/Tahoe area throughout the year. She loves nature and everything the outdoors has to offer an avid sport enthusiast. She loves skiing, running, soccer and volleyball, among other things.
Her plans for the future are still in the dreaming phase, but she loves to write and is working on completing her first novel. She is also taking guitar lessons and plans on helping with a local production of Romeo & Juliet this fall.