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Lynn Virgilio, Publisher, Content Director, Advertising Sales & Marketing

Lynn Virgilio-200I have been in the Newspaper Media industry for over twenty years. During that time I have held leadership roles in advertising sales, training and development and sales management. You can imagine the changes that the industry has experienced during that time! I have enjoyed the challenges and the opportunity that came along with the significant impact of the internet and digital publishing during my career.

On a more personal note,  I spent several years as a competitive athlete and coach. My experiences in the athletic world exposed me to the importance of health. I have been on the quest for health and consider learning about a healthy lifestyle as one of my main hobbies.  Consequently, I am very fortunate to be involved in publishing a magazine that is truly devoted to a healthy lifestyle. The mission of Healthy Beginnings is to provide relevant up to date information on natural healing, healthy living, alternative treatments, mindful living and healthy eating are topics.  I am deeply passionate about these areas and know firsthand from personal experience that you truly can heal disease without drugs and  improve your health  through this lifestyle.

In addition, each month I get the opportunity to associate with experts that provide valuable content to our magazine and continue to educate about truly effective ways to heal.

I consider myself lucky at this stage of my career I can be working in an area that I am passionate about and committed to as well as partner with others that share the same passion.

Kippy Spilker, Editor

Kippy-200Working in Publishing since 1995, I really enjoy print media and the ability to share a message with anyone taking the time to pick up a publication. Pairing that with my passion for a healthy lifestyle, Healthy Beginnings is the perfect avenue for me and my interests.

Having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and hereditary Diabetes, the older I get, the more focused I am on natural solutions and alternative treatments. I understand some of the health-related frustrations people face every day, and appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from our amazing contributing writers. I believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with the foods we eat, and that managing one’s health is a very personal thing. When I was younger I lived in India for a year and learned the importance of the spiritual and emotional side to healthy living, as well. I believe that in the end it’s all about the balance we can achieve, and our ability to create a healthier, happier world for ourselves and those who will be here after us.

When not at work, I can often be found kayaking, playing with our dogs, working in the yard, cooking, canning or photographing something amazing. I believe healthy people come in many sizes, shapes and packages, and I hope that Healthy Beginnings can help you along your own path to achieving your health-related goals.

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