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Men’s Skin Care Tips and Tricks: It’s Cool to Be Smooth

In Home Alone, we all remember Kevin McCallister prepping his freshly shaved face with after shave and, well, feeling the burn. It’s likely that many men can relate to Kevin’s after shave pain (and, this is probably why most avoid skin care products, altogether). Ultimately, men aren’t socially conditioned to care about their skin. Skin care is associated with femininity – only women use creams, gels, lotions and goos. Right? And, sometimes, all those fancy feminine products stink and sting.

Practicing a daily skin care regime is just as important for men as it is women – sorry, guys, it’s true. Incorporating a daily skin care routine into your life will help you avoid dry skin, delay the first signs of wrinkles and even fight blemishes and acne.

Michelle Czarka, owner of Pantry Products in Reno (a small batch modern apothecary that handcrafts bath and body products), shares some all-natural products and essential oils tips to help men achieve healthy skin, without all the “foo foo” creams.

Beard Oil

Is your beard unruly? Dispensing 3-6 drops (depending on beard length and density) into your hands, rubbing together and working into your wild beard will help condition your skin and ease irritation and itchiness. Beard oil can also help soften course hair and prevent split ends. And, because beards can be gross, find a product that has essential oils to help fight bacteria (and add a manly scent).

Pre Shave

Pre shave products help prepare the skin for the harsh reality of shaving, protecting the skin from redness, razor burn and are-ups.

After Shave

Hate to shave? After shave helps to control razor bumps, reduce irritation, tighten pores and lock in moisture naturally (thanks to witch hazel). Find an after shave that incorporates aloe vera gel to help condition the skin.

It’s important to cleanse and moisturize daily. Avoid certain fragrances and dyes, and use organic, natural skin care products. Various essential oils including jojoba, sunflower, avocado, geranium, clove and cedarwood help relieve dry and irritated skin. Women – if you’re reading this – sneak these products onto his side of the sink (he’ll thank you).

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