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Kids Corner | January 2014

New Year’s Resolution Poster Boards

New Year’s Resolution Poster Boards

An exciting new year also brings all new challenges and problems. You may have made a new list of promises and goals for the new year, but you may never do them. This new year, I want to challenge you to actually write down all your New Year goals on a piece of paper. Create a list of things you have always wanted to do; it can be little things like getting an A on your next test at school, or maybe a bigger thing, like trying out for a sport at your high school. Whatever it is, write it down; write every little thing down and create a checklist. By the end of this next year, try your hardest to have each check-box marked with a check! It might be harder, depending on your goals, or it might be easy. But, either way, try your hardest to complete all your goals! Good luck!

Here is a fun project to bring in the new year!

New Year’s Resolution Poster Boards:

What you will need:

-Poster board (or whatever you can find around the house that is close enough)
-Markers (colors of your choice)
-Any kind of decorations (of your choice of course)
-Your resolution/new year’s goal list


Take your poster board and write down your resolutions or new year goals, using markers.
Create check boxes after each goal.

Decorate your poster as you wish, whatever might motivate you more to get those resolutions done!
Pin the poster up somewhere you will see everyday, a common place.

Make sure you work hard to get each goal done and check each box off! Good luck!
Have a great new year, and a great month of January!

ariWritten By Ariana Purcell |