Healthy Beginnings

Kids Corner | April 2013

ari300Happy April! With spring break here and gone in a flash, it only reminds us that school is coming to an end. Summer is almost here, and while the weather is getting hotter, school seems to be getting easier as well; make sure to keep those grades up. Now is not the time to slack. Grades are always important–they are important for the rest of your school career, and they will decide your future!

I recently took a field Trip to FIDM, a Fashion Institute; I went with my Academy for Business and Law class. We went to San Francisco and toured the campus. Even though I am just a freshman, this field trip really seemed to slap me in the face and tell me that even though I still have three years left in high school, I still need to know what I want to do when I get older, what my main goal is when I get out of high school…Go to a major college, or to a fashion college; what do I want to become or be when I get older? How will my grades affect this? Do I need to work harder? What can I do to make sure I get into a college? All of these questions buzzed in my head as the tour guide was talking about FIDM. Then it hit me: I wasn’t as prepared for my future as I thought. I realized that I really needed to think about all of these things. Starting with these few simple steps:

1. Keep your grades up. Colleges like to see a steady grade book, and they especially love to see those A’s.

2. Know yourself. Get to know yourself more, really think about what’s important to you, and what you really want to be or become when you get older. You should know, or at least have an idea, of what you are looking when following the steps below!

3. Join clubs that will provide you with experience. I recently went to the San Joaquin Delta College for a Skills USA competition; it gave me an experience of the workforce. It made me work really hard to achieve our goal, and we won a silver medal for our efforts!

4. Get information about the colleges you are looking at going into–now, not later. It is never too soon to tour colleges and request information from them. It will only help you decide what college you really want to go to, what you are looking for, and what’s the best place for you to attend to get the education you need for your future career.

5. Learn about scholarships. If you have been working hard to keep those grades high and steady, also working really hard on a certain sport, you are most likely eligible for some type of scholarship.

6. Create a portfolio. Keep record of excellent school work, copies of report cards, nominations or special awards, recommendation letters, or any other letters that document your success while in high school.

7. And at the end of each quarter, evaluate your success and your failures; which goals you didn’t reach that you would like to reach next time. Create new goals, and make sure you are still on track for meeting your long-term goals; like high grades, straight A’s, doing better in a sport, joining a club, getting a job, etc.

8. Challenge yourself. If you can, take honor classes. Those always look better on your transcripts than just regular classes.

And in the end, you will know yourself better and maybe find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before. You will be better prepared, and when the time comes for college application letters, well…you are ready! Have a great month of April!