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Kids Corner | March 2013

ari300The weather is getting warmer and brighter; spring seems to be in the air–especially when we know a certain little bunny will be hopping around soon, leaving sweet treats for all! With spring in the air, new spring style and fashion will be flying through magazines and school, leaving you wanting to throw away your entire winter wardrobe. But, is it possible to change some winter clothes into spring clothes? Here are some great tips on how your closet could go to winter-tastic to spring-fection!

• Cutting jeans can go wrong–very easily–so a new way to style your jeans is to make holes. The smartest way to do this is to take a wooden brick and shimmy it up your jeans, to the place you want a hole. For example, the knees. Then, using sandpaper, rub it across your jeans until they wear down to just what you’re looking for, giving your legs some breathing room during warmer months of spring!

• Cutting tops can also create complications, but with a template, it’s a lot easier! Find a shirt you really like (your template). Lay the shirt you want to cut over the shirt you’re using as your template…you can use tape or markers to draw the outline of the design. Make sure to use fabric scissors–it will give you a nicer edge.

• A cool hobby to get into is making jewelry! Get some supplies at Michaels, Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann Fabric: plain beads, thread, clear stretchy string and more! spring_clothing300Create the newest and cutest styles the exact way you want it!

*Make sure to get your parent’s permission for all of the above!

With school soon to be over, grades are of course getting crucial! So, no matter what the events are, or what the excuses are, make sure your grades are kept in tip top shape! Have a great Easter!