Healthy Beginnings

Kids Corner | January 2013

5…4…3…2…1…Happy New Year! It is finally here, and so is your fresh start! A new year to do whatever you didn’t do last year. This year can be your year to get better grades, exercise more, eat healthier or even plan to make new friends. Whatever it is, this is the time to make a difference in your life. Here is an activity below to help get you started with your bright new year! Make sure to answer each question truthfully:

1. Did you make any new friends last year?
2. Did you exercise at all last year?
3. Did you try eating healthy food last year?
4. What sport did you do last year?
5. What extracurricular activity did you do last year?
6. How were your grades last year?
7. What is one thing you regret most about last year?

All the questions above should have been yes, except for question seven. If some of your answers were “no,” or you had a hard time thinking about the answer, it says something; it says that this year is your time to make a change! For example, work on making a new friend. Or, if you didn’t exercise, make that change this year and help your body. Make a promise to go to the gym, and then plan out a schedule to help you keep your promise. You could also get involved and join an activity outside of school; something to keep you busy. Your grades should always be very important to you as well. So, if your grades aren’t looking so hot, now is the time to change them! I hope you answered the last question honestly. This question is supposed to help you change the one thing you regretted most from last year; something you did or did not do. But, no matter if you only change a few things this year, or everything on this list, just make sure to make a change for the good, and help yourself have the greatest New Year ever! Have a Happy 2013!