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Remember when we were kids, fell and scraped our knee or elbow? After the tears, Mom put mercurochrome or Absorbine, Jr on it, a Popeye the Sailor band-aid and told us to leave it alone.

Several days later a yellow “goo” formed around the scab. The “goo,” known as platelet-rich fibrin matrix, (PRFM), is the body’s way of healing itself. 1 Eventually new skin, containing all its components, collagen, fat, nerves and blood vessels grows to replace the scraped skin.

The key to the healing, the “goo,” consists of multipotent stem cells. These are cells lying dormant, until called upon, to repair damaged tissue. Multipotent stem cells can only replace, not generate, tissue.

Omnipotent stem cells, the seeds of Frankenstein, theoretically, are capable of growing entire organisms. 2 Before continuing – to be clear – we are not dealing with anything even touching these ethical and political minefields. (Dolly, the famous “cloned” sheep came about from adult stem cells, not embryonic as popularly thought.)3

Some stem cells regenerate tissue better than others. Multipotent stem cells in your skin replace the skin lost on your scraped elbow. Brain tissue, when damaged, is poorly regenerated by neural multipotent stem cells. Pancreatic stem cells are a bit more successful in regenerating the pancreas and liver stem cells regrow cirrhotic liver tissue.

The PRFM contains at least seven types of cell, blood vessel, collagen and tissue growth factors. Through modern technology, with a simple blood draw and specialized centrifugation, we can harvest these stem cells to perform an amazing array of rejuvenation activities.4

We use Emcyte, the gold standard for platelet separation centrifugation. By carefully separating the platelets from the red cells of the blood, we obtain the aforementioned growth factors. If we were to include the red blood cells in our technique, it would cause undue pain, inflammation and bruising.

Once the platelets are isolated, we need to create the platelet-rich fibrin matrix. By following the phenomena of the “goo,” how does the knee know it needs its stem cells? We see excess calcium levels in the wounded tissue as opposed to normal structures. Calcium activates the chemical process, causing the platelets to form a clot, release growth factors, and turn the watery platelets into the yellow gel.

By adding calcium to our platelet solution, we are recreating our childhood scrape “goo.”

If we inject the activated platelets after the calcium is added, but before it turns into the gel, we can remold the face, breast, and genital areas with fantastic results.

The Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, OShot®, Priapus Shot®, Hair Treatment, and Vampire Facial® are specific, patented techniques I have trained and been certified in by the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association.

The Vampire Facelift® sculpts the face using hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane to reshape your naturally beauty. We then “polish” the sculpture with our “gel” to improve color, texture and size.

The Vampire Facial® is similar, but uses a microdermabrasion needling technique to enhance the “goo’s” penetration into the skin, rather than the hyaluronic acid fillers.

The Vampire Breastlift®: Tired, worn and droopy is no way to go through life describing your breasts. Unfortunately, as we age, the perky, rosy hue of youth fades to a dull shade of gray. Just as in the face, volume is added via dermal filler to all the “right places.” We then polish and refine the shape of the breast using our platelet-rich plasma (PRP) “goo,” resulting in younger-looking breasts with improved skin quality, color, texture and sensitivity.

Breast implants and surgery are classically necessary to lift and enlarge the breast in an effort to restore a more youthful appearance. However, implants and surgical breast lifts can lead to a rippled appearance and nipple numbness. The Vampire Breast Lift™ strives to bring volume to droopy, worn or sagging breasts, improve nipple sensitivity, texture, color and integrity of the breast.

The O Shot® for gals and the P Shot® for guys are absolute game changers when it comes to improving sensitivity, intensity and ease of orgasm. Female sexual dysfunction is no small problem. 43% of adult women (and 31 % of adult men) experience some degree of libido and dysfunctional sexual performance.6 Our practice certainly sees a skewed population, but closer to 80-90% of our patients are so afflicted.

For women, vaginal lubrication and a ‘side effect,’ improvement in urinary incontinence, are added bonuses when it comes to sexual arousal and renewal. OShot® effects are frequently noticed immediately as the growth factors rejuvenate and enhance sexual response.

Not to be left out, The P Shot® delivers lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, restores function due to prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, the aftereffects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions such as diabetes.

After applying topical and local anesthetics, the “goo” is injected, resulting in tissue growth, new blood vessel growth and improved penile circulation. Some guys report up to a 10-15% increase in girth and length, stronger erections, increased sensation and pleasure, and enhanced sexual performance.

The Vampire Hair Treatment® stimulates inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase.

The Vampire Procedures are very safe, have been performed thousands of times the world over, and best of all, are allergy-free as we use your own blood products.

Next month we will cover the Vampire Facelift® in depth. If you would like more information on our Vampire Treatments, are curious about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, or have a thyroid disorder, see our comprehensive thyroid series in Healthy Beginnings Magazine from July, 2015 through June 2016. Please do not hesitate to call us at 775-359-1222 or email


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