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memory300Memory issues and fixes
Of all the wondrous qualities of life memory must surely be one of the most magnificent and difficult to grasp and quantify. Fortunately, scientific study of the brain has given us a better understanding of some of the properties of memory, especially neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) such as acetylcholine. It is widely regarded as one of the main brain chemicals associated with memory. Many other aspects of chemistry also reflect on memory such as blood circulation, hormone deficiencies, viruses, bacteria, electromagnetic fields, allergy, heavy metals, blood sugar, fatty acid metabolism, musculoskeletal alignment, bowel health and much more.

CDP Choline and Acetyl L Carnitine

These are two of many molecules that are most effective in increasing memory. CDP choline, cytidine-5 diphosphocholine 250 mg is an important player in memory. It easily enters the brain and increases acetylcholine (Ach). I love it for lecturing, learning difficult material, remembering names and old scientific information and facts. The recommended dose is one per day, and sometimes two or three per day can even be more helpful.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is also a precursor (molecule that makes) to Ach to improve the memory. The capsules are 500mg or 800mg, one or two twice per day. It is a fatty acid and the brain loves to work on fat, as does the heart and cellular energy machinery in our mitochondria (energy powerhouses of the cells). It is great for memory, mood, energy and anti-brain aging. Other good fats for the brain include coconut oil and its derivative MCT oil, mean chain triglycerides. One author postulated that her moderately Alzheimer afflicted husband couldn’t use blood sugar any more to fire his brain and started coconut oil supplementation with remarkable positive effects. Again feeding the brain good fats instead of just relying on blood sugar may have a positive effect not only on Alzheimer’s but also ALS, MS, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative illnesses.

Blood Flow
Dementia is frequently related to lack of blood blow to the brain and can be improved with chelation therapy, which removes heavy metals from the body. We all have 1,000 times more lead in our bones than the average pre-industrial man who wasn’t exposed to fossil fuel burning in the atmosphere. Removing the lead from our bodies with chelators, orally and intravenously, can reduce our body’s heavy metal load and improve circulation. Chelation comes from the Greek word chelos, the claw to grasp or bind, such as the eagle’s talon or the crab’s claw. These chelating chemicals, herbs and amino acids take out the heavy metals and calcium and remove them from the body and brain to improve circulation and notably improve memory.

Bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori not only cause ulcers but also dementia in 80 percent of chronically infected patients. H. pylori can be removed with herbs and minerals. Viruses such as Herpes simplex are found in the brain autopsy specimens in 100 percent of Alzheimer’s patients. Virus testing and routine treatment can remarkably help memory. Mold, environmental and food allergens, and psychological stress can cause microcirculation to go into spasm, inhibit blood flow to the brain and greatly reduce memory.

Of course, bio-identical, natural hormones decline with aging. Low levels of thyroid, adrenal, estrogens and testosterone can aggravate memory decline as well.

It’s a wonderful world out there and it is very important to maintain our memory. By following a few simple steps, you might not only help save and improve your memory, but you might also prevent some mentally crippling diseases in the future.

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