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Healthy Recipe: Spring Rolls

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◻︎ 3 thin zucchini slices per person

◻︎ A few spoons of olive oil

◻︎ ¼ tsp of sea salt

◻︎ ½ slice of heirloom tomato per roll

◻︎ 1 spring onion

◻︎ A small grip of chervil

◻︎ A small grip of watercress

◻︎ A few (long) radishes

◻︎ Red cabbage sprouts

◻︎ Fresh cilantro or parsley

◻︎ A few leaves of fresh basil

◻︎ Flowers of the season, wild pansies, rosemary, chive, ramson flowers



Blend into a firm dressing:

◻︎ 1 C cashews

◻︎ 2 TBSP fresh lemon juice

◻︎ ¼ C spring water

◻︎ ½ clove of garlic

◻︎ 1 TBSP of shallot or one small shallot

◻︎ ¼ tsp sea salt



◻︎ Cut the zucchini in half (length wise)

◻︎ Slice up the zucchini in long thin slices with a wide potato peeler or mandolin

◻︎ Flatten the slices on a plate, sprinkle olive oil and a dash of sea salt on top

◻︎ Set aside to marinate while blending up the dressing

◻︎ Cut the vegetables in fine, long strips

◻︎ Place 3 zucchini slices on a plate: overlap each slice so that half of one slice covers half of another

◻︎ Place the cut veggies and herbs at the beginning of the zucchini slices

◻︎ Put the 1/2 slice of tomato on top and push down a little bit, gently

◻︎ Place one TBSP of the dressing on top of the tomato

◻︎ Gently roll everything up together

◻︎ Rock and roll!

◻︎ Finish with a dash of olive oil, herbs, cute little flowers


◻︎ Easy to take in every lunch box

◻︎ You can make mini rolls as an appetizer for a party

◻︎ Looks pretty at any vegan barbecue or summer fest

◻︎ Leftovers of the sauce can be used as a veggie dip

Marie-Claire Hermans

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Editor’s Note

I’ve never been a fan of spring rolls at restaurants – I always find them fairly tasteless. Not these! The flavor of fresh vegetables and herbs, mixed with what I called the “cashew hummus” was like taking a big bite of summer. I brought the ingredients to work and my co-workers agreed. Many made sure to tell me how great it was, some saying they would send copies of this issue to friends and family who don’t live locally, one person commenting that this recipe should “borrow” the Lay’s slogan, “You can’t eat just one!”

I made a few notes along the way. Maybe they’ll be helpful to someone else.

  • Each zucchini yielded about 20-24 slices for me.
  • I laid my slices out on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper, then spritzed them with an olive oil sprayer.
  • Resist the urge to overstuff! Less is more with this recipe, and that will also help you roll a tighter spring roll than I achieved above.

The thing I like best about this recipe is the versatility. You don’t even have to make a bunch of these ahead of time for a party – let people make their own! Put out a small “salad” bar full of sliced herbs and veggies, and let people construct their own. It’s fun, and that way everyone gets what they want.

– Kippy Spilker, Editor