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The Health Benefits of Fats (And Why You Should Add More Fats to Your Diet)

Fats in our diet have long been thought to be the enemy in our fight against obesity, diabetes and even cancer. The truth is that adulterated fats and oils, caused by the requirements of food processors for long shelf life, are the root cause of the above diseases, as well as constant food cravings.

Until now, this hasn’t been addressed and that is why, regardless of any other interventions, these diseases all remain at epidemic levels.

We have been grossly misled in the field of nutrition about the true nature of what are called “Essential Fatty Acids” or EFAs.

In truth, there are only two true EFAs. They are “parent” omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA) and omega-6 (linoleic acid, or LA) fatty acids. The term parent is used to describe the unadulterated forms that occur in nature.

Old research from the 20th century was mistaken and grossly overestimated the requirements for the derivatives of ALA and LA, which are DHA and EPA (docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid).

This is a crucial to understand. People unknowingly take overdoses of these derivatives in the form of fish oil and other EFA supplements, rather than allow their body to make the derivatives naturally from whole essential oils in the quantities actually needed. As a result, new studies are showing that medical problems (heart disease, diabetes and suppression of the immune system) are not only not corrected, but are sometimes made worse. You very likely have not been made aware of these failures.

Fish oil supplements, in their suggested doses, however, supply EPA and DHA in amounts from 100 to 500 times what the body would ever produce naturally on its own.

Newer research has shown that fish oil supplements consistently fail to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, and significantly worsen diabetic patients’ conditions by raising blood sugars and blunting insulin response.

In contrast, organic, unprocessed, fully functional parent essential oils in the correct physiologic ratio (roughly 2:1; omega-6 to omega-3) can help prevent and reverse existing cardiovascular disease, help prevent and slow down existing cancerous tumor growth and significantly enhance cellular insulin sensitivity.

The cholesterol “scare” produced by the ill-guided attempt to lower the incidence of heart disease has produced a crisis for every one of our cells. Glyn Wainwright (a leading lipid researcher) states, “How is it that cholesterol, a vital component of all our cells and a key player in the proper functioning of every membrane of every cell in the body, is being portrayed as a modern pathogen?”

So what is one to do to be healthy? Eggs, bacon and butter are now “superfoods!” Regular consumption of coconut oil, hemp seed oil and avocados is recommended. Cooking is recommended to be done with heat-tolerant oils like coconut and grape seed oil. The research is in, folks. This turns current thinking of nutrition on its head, but the truth is out there!

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