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The Healing Power of Intravenous Nutrients


When Antibiotics Aren’t Enough, IV Vitamin C to the Rescue

Severe Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Sepsis

This year there have been many occurrences of difficult and persistent coughs, flus, bronchitis and pneumonias lasting three to six weeks or more with severe debility. Patients have required stronger antibiotics than usual and even with taking oral vitamin C, herbal and nutrient immune support they needed more power to overcome their illnesses. We have been administering IV vitamin C for over 40 years and this year it has been very important for these difficult bacterial, viral bronchitis and pneumonia cases. Oral vitamin C has the limitation of diarrhea at high doses but intravenously very large doses can be given without bowel stimulation. We usually start with 5,000 mg to 25,000 mg (25 grams) and increase to 37.5 grams or 75 grams if necessary. Infections and any toxic influence on the body cause oxidation and free radical damage (removing electrons from cell membranes) and vitamin C is the universal anti-oxidant (electron donor) to repair the damage. Typically one or two of these vitamin C IV treatments will turn the tide for the patient. In the IV we also include calcium, magnesium, potassium, B6, B5, B complex, B12, trace elements, procaine, bicarbonate and a small amount of cortisol. This has been a powerful formula for us since we started using it in 1975.

Vitamin C was used IV by Dr. Fredrick Klenner, MD from North Carolina in the 1950s to cure 60 cases of polio in a row1.   IV C at 100 grams per day also saved the life of a terminal Swine Flu patient in 20102 in New Zealand. Look up the You Tube coverage of this. It is a great story. They told his children to pull the plug on his ventilator until Dr. Levy suggested 100 grams of IV vitamin C per day and he returned to work completely cured in 6 weeks.

Sepsis, the overwhelming blood bacterial infection, has been proven to respond to IV vitamin C therapy. It is frequently fatal and causes kidney and liver failure. Dr. Alpha Fowler, MD professor of medicine, head of pulmonary medicine and critical care at the Commonwealth of Virginia School of Medicine spent six years researching vitamin C and sepsis starting with rat models and moving carefully into human research. IV vitamin C reduced sepsis mortality from 62% to 38% in humans with only 14 grams of IV vitamin C administered around the clock for four days with no adverse effects 3. Unfortunately, getting vitamin C in the ICU is impossible with the current drug-only paradigm and only happened in the New Zealand case after threats of law suits. Hopefully allopathic medicine will open up to non-toxic, inexpensive solutions for this common health care tragedy.

Intravenous Ozone for Infections

A one-two punch of IV Ozone (O3) or peroxide with IV vitamin C and nutrients is frequently used for chronic infections as well as pneumonia and bronchitis. Ozone is made from oxygen and enhances immunity by regulating cytokines and lymphokines.   There is a mountain of evidence supporting the use of ozone and it has been used in Germany for over one hundred years4. It can be administered in ears, rectally and intravenously. We usually use ozone bubbled in saline and then give intravenously. It wakes up metabolism and immune power and then we frequently follow with the IV C combo as noted above with great results for acute infections. It is also effective treating Ebola, probably Zika, Epstein-Barr and other viruses associated with chronic fatigue.

Many Other Powerful Intravenous Therapies

IV EDTA is a well-documented therapy to remove calcium from arteries and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic from the body5-6. Hello Flint, Michigan!! Is anybody talking about removal of lead from those poor people? IV amino acids are also used for treatment of acute psychiatric disorders such as bipolar illness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Plaquex, intravenous phosphotidylcholine (IV lecithin) is great to rinse out arterial plaque accumulation to treat heart disease, cognitive decline and peripheral artery disease. Vitamin C is very protective against radiation damage such as from one’s cell phone and Fukushima1. It is also important to prevent and treat cancer7.

IV nutrient therapies are powerful and available at the Gerber Medical Clinic.


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